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Female Porn Addiction
One in Three Visitors to Adult Websites are Women

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here’s no surprise reading the 2003 statistics conducted by the Internet Filter Review. In fact, the numbers are projected to be higher considering this is a five year old study. They found that 25% of total search engine requests are porn-related. 12% of all websites have adult only content. However, what’s surprising is that women are quickly catching up to men when it comes to obsessing and accessing cyber porn.

Due to anonymity and accessibility of Internet sexual content, the computer tends to accelerate a person from being “at risk” to “addicted” at a rapid rate.

Women and Chat Rooms


The ratio of women to men in chat rooms is two to one. The Internet Filter Review found that women are taking their Internet affairs to real life encounters at twice the rate of men. In the University of Florida’s study, “Online Dating Virtually Irresistible to Some Married Folks”, states that married people find it very easy to have an affair. It also says that counseling organizations are reporting that chat rooms are the fastest-rising cause of relationship breakdowns and the problem only stands to get worse. Regardless of the woman or the man engaging in an online affair, research shows the spouse feels as betrayed as they would if skin-to-skin adultery had occurred. Women abusing their spouse’s trust while trolling in chat rooms is on the rise.

Women and Child Pornography

Women involved in child pornography is a reality. Although the number of women doesn’t come near the number of men involved with this crime, they are involved. Family Safe Media reports that in a 2006 study, “teen sex” was a search term used 13,982,729 times in 2006. Out of those who searched “teen sex” 56% were women. In the same study, 18% of women searched for “teen porn” out of 6,130,065 searches.

There have been plenty of news stories about women being arrested in child pornography. In February 2008, the Ontario Provincial Police made the largest coordinated child pornography sweep in Ontario’s history. 22 people were arrested including a 28 year old woman charged with making available and possession of child pornography.

A neo-natal nurse at McMaster University Medical Center was charged with child pornography along with her husband, who was the president of the Flamborough Hockey Association in Hamilton, Ontario.

Last year, an Illinois woman pleaded guilty to creating child pornography. She admitted to doping her 6 year old twins with cough syrup so she could take nude photos of them with her boyfriend.

A more shocking case involved Julie Bishop of Grandview, Missouri. She pleaded guilty to child pornography. She possessed more than 600 images of child porn, some of which involved sadistic or violent sexual acts with children. She admitted to distributing some of the porn to others.

Porn Facts (According to Internet Filter Review)

  • 13% of women (20% of men) admit to accessing porn while at work.

  • 70% of women who access porn keep it a secret.

  • 17% of women admit they are addicted to porn.

  • Every second 28,258 Internet users are viewing porn.

  • 100,000 websites have illegal child pornography.

  • 70% of all Internet porn traffic occurs on workdays 9-5.
    Sex and Porn Addiction

Porn and sex addiction for women and men is a growing problem due to the Internet. Those with porn and sex addiction tend to be people who are obsessive compulsive, have manic depression or have a narcissistic personality.

The development of sexual addiction for many starts early in life. Early exposure to porn, witnessing a parent behave in a highly promiscuous or inappropriate manner or early discovery of self-stimulation are factors in sex addiction.

Keeping a Vigilance

With so much pornography just a click away, women with porn and sex addiction, in all likelihood, will become a permanent fixture in society. However, in fighting the war on child pornography, there needs to be a constant vigilance with police, all levels of government and within the general public.

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By Karen Stephenson



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