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f you ever happen to walk by Toya Williams on the street, don’t think for one second that she’s just another pretty face. Albeit she is beautiful, there is more to Toya, 27, than what may meet the eye. Working as a human resources specialist at a prestigious law firm here in D.C. by day, the south New Jersey native is also an aspiring interior designer. Currently, she’s working towards her Masters at Marymount University, but she also takes on interior design projects meanwhile. One of her most recent projects—a Baltimore community center—was a definite success. “I don’t have a team, so I was doing a million tasks by myself, but it came together really well. One of the great things about working in design is seeing the end result. It makes me happy to say, ‘I did that!’”


What do you like most about D.C.?

I like that D.C. is so diverse. You can meet people from all walks of life here.

There are a lot of hot weekday parties in D.C., right?

Yea, definitely. To me, it draws a more professional and sexier crowd. I don’t like to go where the masses are. I like to go to unique places with unique people.

Where can you be spotted partying?

Mostly Shadow Room, Josephines…. and Co Co. Sala sometimes for happy hour. Honestly, I party during the week. The weekends, I’m usually running out of town

Tell me a memorable moment from your life.

I once worked for the 2004 U.S. Open with Lacoste. And it was really one of the best experiences of my life because I am an avid tennis player, like, a big tennis fan. For me to be there and to be doing something with fashion was major because it was two things I love. The networking wasn’t too bad either. Sitting in the hospitality suites with people like Jeremy Piven, Denise Richards, and the owners of Manhassett’s Americana was also truly amazing. Hands down it was one of my best spent summers on record yet.

If there was one fashion item you could wish into your possession right now, what would it be?

I’d have to say a quilted Chanel bag in navy blue. Or, in hot pink. That color is big right now.

If you could meet anyone, who would it be?

I’d like to meet Cathy Hughes. I think she’s so inspiring. Talk about a trailblazer and powerhouse in the same sentence. She is truly a remarkable woman and one of the most powerful women in radio and television. I briefly met her at the State of the Black Union three years ago. She was so inviting and approachable. Her story inspires me to strive to be a powerful, influential female in my industry and period.

What does your living space looking like?

It’s very simple. It’s modern. It’s fresh. It’s very “me.” People enjoy it because I made it comfortable and not over-decorated.

What do you see in the future as far as interior designing?

My dream is to host my own design show right here in the District. It would be locally-based targeting a multicultural audience.

Photos courtesy of jaxonphotogroup
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By Jan F. Lee

Shy Magazine Staff Writer/Journalist

8 comments to “D.C. Diva”
  1. Dr. Jeanne Rance Says:

    I want to be like Toya when I grow up LOL!

  2. Dwayne Says:

    I know Toya from working with her in the past at a top Law Firm. She is a very gifted and talented young lady. I appreciate this article, it gives excitement to those who know her and her story. Great Job!

  3. Stace G Says:

    Toya, you are so fabulous!!!! I wish you all the best. You are destined for greatness!!!!!

  4. Jades Says:

    Yarning…This young lady is beautyful and going after her dream but I don’t really get the impression that she has any real substance. The term D.C Diva is miss used! You could have interviewed a woman just as outgoing and fashionable from the actual DC Diva’s professional women’s football team. There is a lady that looks just like her that plays, so you know how feminie they are. And what about the Organization called DC Diva’s, clearly you didn’t do your research. Yes both are lady like and have more fashion knowledge then what your stylist has set this positive lady up in. Fashion police should be after your stylist for this photo shoot! Since when was rider pants back in style in the Washington D.C area? Hellow put her in parada! That vest say forever21! Hello she’s smokin hot, you should have put her in a dress. I think I’ll stop even subscribing. You say your magazine is about fashion, beauty and lifestyle but you clearly have not stuck to that goal for this article. I don’t think this positively says much about her. Why couldn’t you guys show her doing what she loves in a fashionable way? She is just another pretty face in the crowd but your artcle should have made her stand out above just being featured in a magazine. This Shy magazine is a wonderful idea but you need to hire more people and pay them to do what you have no knowledge of or at least brain storm to come up with more creative ideas to feature us beautyful black women in a classy yet sexy way. Place an ad in the Washington Post.

  5. Devidra Muhammad Says:

    Soror Toya,
    Talented, Sweet,Gifted, Smart,Professional, Caring and Strong Young Lady. We are proud of her Great Accomplishment’s in life. Stay true to your dream’s. God will open many doors for you. A Wonderful acticle.

  6. Soror DOLLY STATON Says:

    Your Mother would be so proud of you. May GOD continue to bless your talent.

  7. Soror Geri Says:

    You are a great example of an Alpha Kappa Alpha lady.

  8. Vedra Says:

    Giiiirl! You are so hot in your pictures! I’m glad to call you a friend and (finally) a soror.
    Are you single? Well, maybe not after this article anyway:)


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