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s the owner of Hair Sugar, a premium human hair retailer and blog, Sherri is a young entrepreneur with only bigger and better things ahead of her. The Gaithersburg native now lives between Atlanta and the DMV, and services clients in need of premium hair weave, namely Indian hair, nationwide.

“I’ve always been kind of obsessed with hair,” Sherri said when explaining how she got into the beauty business. With a background in public relations and digital marketing, along with a lifetime love of hair (she really wanted to be a hairstylist), starting Hair Sugar only made sense. And now, dollars, too! With Hair Sugar, Internet-surfers can obsess right a long with Sherri by reading the Hair Sugar blog, on which Sherri posts product reviews, event recaps, weave tutorials and more tips to “sweeten your hairstyle.”

Why create the blog?

“It’s not just about selling hair, but it’s also to provide people with a one-on-one person to talk to. Anyone who gets a weave for the first time, or any new hairstyle, usually has a thousand questions. Customer service is huge to me.”

What are some things you’d like to do in the future with Hair Sugar?

Eventually I have plans for Hair Sugar to give back to the community. There are a couple of different organizations out there, like Locks of Love, and Pantene has Beautiful Lengths. We would like to donate hair or money to those organizations to help women with cancer. I see the difference it makes in a person when they like their hair. And I can see the difference in a person when they’ve lost their hair. As much as we can help give that back to a person, through a wig or through money, I’d love to do that.

What are some of your fave beauty products?

I use a lot of different products and I review products that are good for weaves on the blog. My favorite hair product so far is BioSilk. Just about everything that they make is great for weaves because it doesn’t weigh it down. And if the budget doesn’t allow for that, Dove is excellent.

What celebrities are you loving right now?

I love Vanessa and Angela Simmons. They are such role models. I love Beyoncé. Whoever does her hair needs an award. Just the way she wears it…I know she wears lace fronts and that’s kind of a next step for Hair Sugar. But her colorist and weavologist are the bomb.

Visit to find out more information. Hair Sugar also has a presence on Twitter (@hairsugar), YouTube and Facebook.

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By Jan F. Lee Shy Magazine Staff Writer/Journalist
9 comments to “Hair Sugar…”
  1. Trice Says:

    I love Hair-Sugar Hair :o )… its really high quality & soft! & Sherri is nothing but professional, & offers great tips on maintenance & hair styles from her website

  2. Katisha McAllister Says:

    She’s very good at what she does whether its hair styling, accessories or clothes she’s a good point of contact. She has also got me into wearing alternative hair lol…I would recommend her to everyone and as her best friend/client I am ultra/super proud of her.. GOOOOOOOO SHURRR..

  3. beautiful Says:

    I loved this article! Keep up the good work Sherri–awesome to see a young african american woman as a retailer of a product so many of us love:)

  4. Neka Says:

    OMG! Congrats Sherri! I knew I’d see you in magazines, hahaha!

  5. Sherri Says:

    Thanks for all the comments!

  6. StyleScrybe Says:

    Since I wear lots of different weave styles, I find the product reviews and information very helpful. I also love that Hair Sugar recommends products that are good for my real hair as well as my weave. Can’t wait until we get to the top, Sherri!

  7. Lea Hankey Says:

    I’m am mixed race and I have always wanted extentions, but I have never gotten any good information about them. Your product looks awesome!!! Where would I go to get these extensions? I live in St. Augustine, Fl 32086, but I am originally from Gaithersburg, Md too!!! Please let me know when you get a chance!!!!!!

  8. Sherri M. Says:

    Hi Lea,

    You can order the hair from me. You can go to my website to view the products at When you are ready just send me an email with any questions about the product and which item you are interested in and we can go from there.


  9. Sherri M. Says:

    Lea, my email is


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