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e love it when we get new residents. There is plenty of room and plenty of love in the District for everybody, including D.C. area newbie Shayna Jackson. Shayna, 27, just moved to the D.C. area (she’s only been living in the city for one month!) and is already falling in love. Originally from West Baltimore County, Maryland, Shayna is still close to home so she can see her family, and is discovering there is more to the D.C. night scene than she thought she knew.


Now, this next bit of information about Shayna might make some people jealous. Shayna doesn’t have to commute to work. She lives at her place of work! Shayna is a Leasing Consultant at The Jefferson at Capital Yard near the Nationals Stadium. “It was the best decision I could ever make,” Shayna says about taking her new job. Loving life, this self-proclaimed “Daddy’s girl” tells SHY a little about herself.

What have you come to love about the D.C. area?

The fact that I’m so close to everything. I’m down the street from Alexandria. I go to Pentagon to shop, and I do my grocery shopping there. I am not too far from Maryland, and so I am still able to see my family because the majority of my family lives in Baltimore. I try to visit them as much as I can. Then I’m not too far from downtown. I’ve been discovering a lot of different spots to eat and go out.

When you need to indulge, where do you go?

Chipotle. I always get a chicken burrito bowl, no beans, tomato salsa, corn, sour cream and cheese. And when I want a little extra, I get guacamole. I also just discovered-because they don’t have this in Maryland- alcohol at Chipotle. Their margaritas are really strong! Their margaritas are out of control. That’s my favorite drink actually, a margarita.

Oh, really?

Yea. Everybody can’t make it right, but I love margaritas.

Who makes a good margarita?

There’s a good place in Baltimore that makes hubcap margaritas.

Hubcap margaritas?

It’s margarita in an actual hub cap, like off of a car, and you have to share it with someone because it’s really big.

And where do you get that from?

Nacho Mama’s [in Baltimore.]

What is your favorite book of all time?

Flyy Girl by Omar Tyree. Any girl that grew up in the ‘80s can relate to that story. I felt like I was reading my life! Well, not exactly everything [laughs], but you know…a lot of that stuff I went through, and it was crazy. I’ve read it like five times.

How would you describe your style?

I’m a jeans person. I’ve been starting to buy more dresses, but I’m still more of a jeans and a top type of person. Rock & Republic, True Religion and stuff like that. I definitely try to pair a cute top with them.

Have you done anything fun this summer?

I just went to the Beyoncé concert in D.C. That was incredible because we didn’t have seats; we were actually at the stage. I got a lot of great pictures and she touched my hand. I love Beyoncé. This is my second time seeing her. I saw her when she first came out at Love with Destiny’s Child.

I’m definitely jealous. I love Bey. Well, thanks for being “SHY,” Shayna. (Hey, that has a ring to it.)


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By Jan F. Lee Shy Magazine Staff Writer/Journalist

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