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Kanye West: Voice of the People or “Jackass?”

Obama Calls Kanye a Jackass


ou can tell she’s thrilled to have finally won a "moon man." Her parents are probably ecstatic and equally as shocked as everyone else is that their precious little girl beat out the "pop diva", Beyonce. Unfortunately, little miss Taylor Swift can’t deliver much of her acceptance speech before Kanye West decides to do what he does best- show up and show out! I am a huge fan of Kanye West, in that I acknowledge that his talent and sheer genius have minimal boundaries. Still, I’m left with a million unanswered questions, one of which is, "Where was MTV security?"

While there was a bit of speculation that Kanye may have been inebriated at the time of his outburst, my guess is he wanted to outdo Representative Joe Wilson’s antics ("Liar!") during President Obama’s address to Congress a few days prior. Speaking of the POTUS, he too, was a bit disturbed by Kanye’s inappropriate behavior. The President’s response, “ Kanye is a jackass", according to an audio snippet taken during an interview with a CNBC reporter. The President was asked to weigh in on the matter ("off-the-record") and with minimal reservations, made the comment. Let’s just hope that Kanye is able to find comfort in Amber’s arms and/or bosom in the meantime. I can only imagine the shame he must be experiencing, and for a good reason!

Immediately following Kanye’s outburst, my twitter feed flooded with personal and re-tweeted persecutions and objections in response to his remarks. Many of them stating how Kanye’s remarks "set [black people] back." Am I alone in my unwillingness to put the fate of my race in Kanye’s hands? I will admit that I don’t agree with his actions, nor do I condone this kind of tasteless behavior. Still, should we allow HIS thoughtless act(s) to taint every bit of "progress" we have made collectively or individually? My answer is "No." There are several pre-existing factors that have the potential to "set us back". I refuse to allow a mere man’s comments to be added to the list.

Imagine if a white man had interrupted a black woman getting an award. The guy’s career would have been finished. Why do I know that won’t happen to Kayne?

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By Aminata Steele
1 comment to “Kanye West: Voice of the People or “Jackass?””
  1. Maison Says:

    It kills me how everyone is so critical of Kanye West and his exploits the night of the VMA’s. People seem to forget the underlying biases entertainment award shows like the VMA’s display on an annual basis. Let me be frank… We all know that Taylor Swift did not deserve the award for “Best Female Video” going up against Beyonce (…), Lady Gaga (1 of the most creative artist of the year) or Katy Perry. Their videos were far more creative and provided a visual that we have yet to see, compared to the stereotypical high school themed video Taylor Swift presented (A la Brittany Spears, Christina Aguilera, etc…).

    I really don’t think Kanye set out to be a jerk or “Jackass” as some may refer to him, but a victim of his own frustration toward these outlets who are suppose to recognize the best and brightest within the industry. I’m not sure if many of you remember last years VMA’s where Brittany Spears took home 90% of the awards given and was deemed the “Brittany’s Comeback Show”, but this takes away from the truly talented artists who put they’re heart and soul into what they do and want to be recognized as the best among their peers.

    Not taking anything away from TS, but she hasn’t crossed over into mainstream culture like Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, etc… You can hear each one of these artists music on any radio station you turn to, in addition to seeing their videos on heavy rotation. Taylor Swift just doesn’t have that effect.

    Let me close by saying that we need individuals like Kanye West to bring attention to these biases many people don’t like to indentify or just sweep under the rug. No one was complaining when he addressed the world stating that “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people”. Let’s be carful before we bash him for standing up to the biases in entertainment industry and the world in general.


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