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Talking with…Kavon L
“I’m a very hard working, motivated individual and I got next!”

f you don’t know who Kavon L is then you must be in the line outside the club, while the rest of us are partying VIP style. He is the guy who has the club packed every weekend. He oozes style and sophistication and demands nothing less for his exclusive guests.

Some call him ‘my club hook up’ others call him ‘lethal competition’ he prefers…‘THE Promoter’, and he is a force to be reckoned with.

Kavon began his career in school studying Business Management, he then stepped into Corporate Marketing, which led to an event for Howard Homecoming; it was at this event that he just happened to meet the right people, it was the right time; his persistent attitude caused all involved to take notice and give him his big break.

“I called like 50 times…I worked hard and that’s how I got my foot in the door and I kept on working hard

Working hard for Kavon means all day every day, he is a one-man team, and for right now he likes it that way. He began by promoting DC’s biggest and most famous club – Love nightclub 3years ago. At that time he felt he wasn’t being worked enough or noticed so he reached out to other clubs in the metro area and began to shut the game down. While moving from one club to another Kavon fashioned his own unique style of promoting.

“I promote in the morning, downtown DC, downtown Silver Spring at lunch time, even rush hour and then the club at night”

Kavon talks fast and he moves fast, with no signs of slowing down, he can get an eyeful of the ladies walking pass the table as I interview him, while answering my questions with eloquence, he doesn’t miss a beat. His appearance and mannerisms are well communicated so much so that managers became intimidated by his presence in their club; those who couldn’t handle him, fired him and those who recognized his power embraced him and benefited from his hard work.

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“I get put out of a lot of clubs, a lot of people are intimidated by my promotions…I’ve been banned from like four or five clubs”

By taking notice of entrepreneurs such as Diddy, Kavon aspires to get to that level locally, he has (like Diddy) acted, modeled, designed and worked in the music industry. He read in an article that Diddy only sleeps for 3 hours at a time, so Kavon takes power naps and keeps it moving. “I’ll sleep when I die”.

One would assume that a guy like Kavon loves to be the center of attention, that is far from the truth, even though you will find him at a party every day of the week Kavon is usually the quiet one in the VIP, taking in all the surroundings and planning his next big move.

On the advice of his boss and mentor, Mark Barnes, Kavon is planning to expand his promotional power with an army of like-minded promoters hand picked by him.

“I can look at somebody and tell if they’re a hustler or not ‘cause I’m a hustler”

Kavon aims to create better customer service for his patrons at Love nightclub; with effortless parking, rapid entrance to the club and more personal attention inside the party “So when you think of Love you think of Kavon”.

He wants to be the ‘go to guy’ for his bosses; the one they can depend on for anything to get done, and done well. But it doesn’t stop there; Kavon is building the foundations for his own catering business, because he says he’s a great cook, he wants to feed people after they party, handing them a plate and a business card that attracts repeat customers. That however is on the back burner for now.

At 26 years old, Kavon knows the possibilities of earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year doing what he is good at effortlessly; and speaks highly of his bosses, Mark and Taz and the skills that he has acquired from being in their surroundings.

“My main asset is I have great social skills” and it is those skills that will take him to the top. Look out DC Kavon L got next.

Kavon L promotes Friday’s and Saturday’s at Love nightclub and Sunday’s at The Park @14th


By Kadija
Shy Magazine Staff Writer

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1 comment to “Talking with…Kavon L”
  1. Tia Dae Says:

    This was a GREAT article!!! Kavon is very laid back in his own unique style (love the dreads). I don’t know this brotha personally, but I have seen him in action…getting his promoting on all the way! He seems very down to earth, and as it was mentioned in the article – he is very quiet. Way to go Kavon L and may God continue blessing you with your passion!!! Keep rising to the TOP ~ tiadae


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