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Gloria Govan on Her Break Up with Matt Barnes0 comments

Break ups don’t have to be so terrible.

| by Eurweb | 2011 |

Reality show star Gloria Govan is a testament to that notion, as she recently split from Matt Barnes. Although the couple is no longer a couple, their relationship plays out on television every week on VH1’s “Basketball Wives: LA.”

But it’s not getting her down none. In fact, she says life is good.

“I’m happy with where I am now,” she told VH1.

Her announcement of the split came on Tuesday after the couple has been together for years, produced two children together, and making the move to Los Angeles.

“It hasn’t been an easy ride moving across the country twice, having kids at 21 when I just graduated college; it hasn’t been easy,” Gloria said, adding that the pressure of the NBA lockout has also been a huge stress on her former fiancé. “But we’re still friends and we’re still working things out and I wish him nothing but the best.”

All in all, the mother of two’s outlook is pretty optimistic and so is her sister’s.

Laura Govan is rooting for their reunion and thinks they’ll wind up together.

Gloria isn’t planning to date anyone any time soon. She’s just taking the time to refocus and get things back in order.

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