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John Slattery Covers GQ April 2012 “Style Bible” Issue0 comments

In addition to the Drake and Dave Franco covers, John Slattery has his own version of the GQ magazine April 2012 “Style Bible” edition, due out on March 20th.
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The “Adjustment Bureau” hunk threw together a killer ensemble with a grey suit/plaid shirt/striped tie for the cover shot, and chatted about everything from “Mad Men” to his low-stress career.

Highlights from John’s interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to GQ!

On the delay of Mad Men:
“It wasn’t so much a showdown. That whole thing was a lot of bullshit. AMC was always going to put the show on [this year rather than last year]. The press took one story and ran with it, which is that Matt was holding out for a lot of money. And that wasn’t really the truth. It wasn’t about Matt’s deal.”

On whether there’s a downside to being one particular character for so long:
“You see people from Seinfeld and Friends and whatever, Gilligan’s Island, and you go, ‘There’s Gilligan!’ I’m sure there are meetings going on: ‘What about Slattery?’ ‘No, can’t use him; he plays that guy on Mad Men.’ On the flip side, I’ve gotten a lot of opportunities I certainly wouldn’t have had.”

On not feeling much career pressure:
“I don’t have to worry about how my movies sell because I’m not the guy in front. I’ve never been number one. I’ve never been the star of the thing.”

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