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Josh Lucas: Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘J. Edgar’ Aviator!1 comment

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Josh Lucas is the latest actor to be cast in the Clint Eastwood-directed biopic J. Edgar.
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The 39-year-old actor will play aviator Charles Lindbergh in the upcoming flick, with Leonardo DiCaprio starring as FBI head J. Edgar Hoover, according to Deadline.

Other previously announced stars in the movie include Ed Westwick, who landed the role of Agent Smith and J. Edgar’s biography, along with Armie Hammer playing Leo’s lover.

FYI: Josh can next be seen in The Lincoln Lawyer with Matthew McConaughey.

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  1. androidative

    This is a wonderful movie to watch. All the audience was mature when I went to watch it. So for the kids, may very well be boring but if you are over 20’s and like twisted lawyers cases, you will love it. It is a movie you could see in some American series that are on television in recent times. But I like how the way they made it for the big screen. Didn’t know what quite to expect but it never let me off the hook! The storyplot was exciting throughout all the various developments. Matthew McConaughey was truly convincing and believable as was the entire cast. Enjoyed seeing a manipulative, weasel like defence lawyer with some redeemable qualities. There was some flaws in the screen play and the dialogues but it doesn’t ruin the film. The supporting cast ; Marisa Tomei , Josh Lucas & Ryan Phillipe were certainly astounding it’s one of the best ensemble cast ever…

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