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Zoe Saldana Denies Emotional Breakdown, Speaks on Interracial Relationships0 comments

After a recent interview with Latina Magazine, various media reports surfaced that actress Zoe Saldana – who opens her own movie, “Columbiana,” this weekend – had a near emotional breakdown.
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Ms. Saldana says that just wasn’t the case and there was no near meltdown. TheAvatar actress recaps the entire story telling Chris Yandek of

“I made a statement on one of the magazines that I was getting interviewed for and I feel like everybody sort of ran with it. When it comes to like a nervous breakdown, there was no such thing.”

Saldana added that she just needed a break between everything that was involved in Avatar and preparing for her leading role in Columbiana out this weekend:

“It was just after coming out of such a beautiful and emotional rollercoaster that was Avatar. From the moment that we shot it to the moment that we delivered it to the world, through award season, everything, I was on such a beautiful emotional high that by the time that was over, once your body releases so many endorphins you’re left a little dry so that was when I sort of sunk down to my body and my being and my body just told me to, ‘Ok, can I please have a break now? I’m really tired.’ And I jumped immediately into prepping for Cataleya and I remember waking up every morning eager to go train because I’m such a workaholic and so excited to be doing something new.”

Zoe finished on the subject adding that she did have some sadness over the loss of a family member, but that didn’t lead to a breakdown:

“I remember I was in Paris and I was with my niece and my mom and Grandma and they were visiting me in Paris and I was just so happy that they were there while I was training and shooting and we had a loss in our family, a very, very close loss in our family and that I feel was the tool that kind of unleashed and for a weekend I just stayed in bed and I cried because obviously I’m missing the family member that we just lost, but then my body also just needed to kind of expel some emotion. So I was just tired. So I really, it just, it concerns me a lot when things are blown out of proportion.”

Zoe also got into a discussion about interracial relationships and working with numerous white male costars saying:

“I don’t know and I really don’t, try to the best of my abilities to understand with questions like that mean and what they have behind them, you know. And it just doesn’t really exist in my realm. I wasn’t raised to look at people and box them. I was raised to just judge someone by their character and I’ve guided myself and my life accordingly. And when I go for a part or I go for a movie, that’s the last thing on my mind. All that I want is for the director’s to cast the most amazing actors whether they be female, male or whatever. So you know, working opposite Michael Vartan, like working opposite Zachary Quinto or Sam Worthington for that matter, Ashton Kutcher, but that was a different sort of kind of subject, but I’ve never seen as like, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to be working opposite like a white male.’ I’ve never seen. To me, he’s an actor and he’s so talented and we’re going to play these lovers and God, I hope the story’s believable. I hope we really do the best job that we can. I’ve never thought about that.”

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