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10 Ways to Make a Guy Happy
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It is a common understanding that it is difficult to understand a girl completely and make her happy.

Well, we might as well say that it is true for guys as well. Many girls might be confused as to what are the ways to make a guy happy. This might differ from person to person, but we sure can point out a few common ones.

1. Stroke his ego from time to time. Let him have an upper hand every now and then. It does not mean that you must heed to his every wish; it just means that you can make him smile by making him feel important.

2. Sex is really important to most guys. So, if you and the guy are in a relationship where sex has become a routine, make sure you bring in some spice into it. Use sex toys or explore new places for you have to sex and surprise the guy!

3. Let him talk. Guys have a common notion that girls keep on blabbering while guys rarely get a chance to do so. Give your guy a chance to talk his heart out. Ask questions about his childhood, his fantasies and dreams. On a day-to-day basis, enquire about his day at work.

4. Don’t object the guys’ night out if your guy wants to have one! You need to give your guy some space since that is one of the ways to make a guy happy.

5. Express your love for him. Don’t be stingy with the hugs and kisses. Guys love physical contact. Not just sex, but the mere act of touching can please your guy.

6. Surprise him from time to time by doing things that he loves very much. If your guy likes to eat, cook something delicious for him. If your guy likes to watch action movies, buy two tickets to such a movie and ask him out.

7. Appreciate him and encourage the things that he does for you. Show him that you are thankful for the little mindful things he does. It may be as simple as walking you home, or buying you a purse.

8. Take your guy’s side in an argument. Whether it is with your parents or with a drunken man at the bar. Make sure you stand by your guy’s side since it is one of the most important ways to make a guy happy.

9. Dress up ladies! If you want your guy to be happy, then take pains to dress up and show how beautiful you really are. You don’t need to do this everyday, but you must do it every now and then. You could buy sexy lingerie, dress yourself in it for a night and blow his mind out.

10. Be optimistic and cheerful with your guy. If you are not happy, your guy will certainly not be happy. This is certainly one of the most important ways to make a guy happy!