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12 Sexy Foreplay Tips
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Sex & Love | by Kati Blake |

Every relationship will go through sex ruts every now and again, but the secret to good sex is to keep it fresh and exciting.

Foreplay is the easiest thing to spice up, and here are my top twelve tips on spicing up your sex life…

1. Watch a sexy movie…
While this one might seem obvious, it can be hard to get it right. Pick the movie based on what your partner likes, as choosing the wrong thing might leave them running from the room! Find a movie they want to watch, and they are sure to be all over you in no time…

2. Read a dirty story…
Women love erotic novels, but there’s no reason why men can’t love them too. Take it in turns to read out loud to each other, while the other tries to distract you. My sources say this leads to the hottest foreplay ever! Read a sample of any books before you buy, though, as some can be more funny then sexy.

3. Body Massage…
Strip off and massage each other with fragranced massage oil! This is such an easy way to turn anyone on, and will almost certainly lead to a much better sex life! Work from the top down, including often forgotten places such as the scalp. Remember to be firm, but not rough, and they’ll be putty in your hands…

4. Feed each other…
This can work anywhere, including in cafes and on picnics! Feed each other anything, from strawberries to sandwiches, to fingers covered in honey. This is a very simple way to spark your connection, and you’ll both be dying to get home! If you want to see it being done by the experts, rent Nine and a Half Weeks, and watch the sexiest food on the big screen!

5. Bondage…
Most people are aroused by the idea of being tied up, so this is a really good way to spice up your sex life! For a gentle introduction, avoid handcuffs and instead use soft material such as silk neck ties. Make sure you have an emergency word in case someone doesn’t enjoy it, and don’t tie them too tight.

6. Send sexy messages!
An easy way to get them in the mood is to fill the day with sexy messages. Tell them how gorgeous they look, how badly you want them and what you want to do. Play the bad girl lusting after them and they’ll be dying to get home!

7. Run a bath…
Run a nice hot bath, and fill it with gorgeous bath scents. Lay out a towel, and let them relax. When she emerges, help them dry off and moisturize… there’s nothing more sexy then being completely relaxed and feeling gorgeous.

8. Compliments!
Making them feel good is a brilliant way to talk them into bed, so look out for things you like. Do you love the way her hair looks, or his jeans fit? Tell them! Only compliment them if it’s true, though, or you could start all sorts of trouble.

9. Kiss!
Kissing is an amazing way to show someone how you feel, and its perfect for igniting flames, too! Kiss from the heart, and make sure its careful, sensual and sexy. Women, especially, can’t resist a sexy kiss!!

10. Strip Tease!
There isn’t anything more sexy then seeing your partner naked, so after you’ve had a bath and scrubbed yourself perfect, demand attention by straddling them and peeling off your clothes slowly. Let them look, but not touch. They’ll be dying for you within seconds!

11. Tease!
Being in control is a massive thrill, and a big turn on for your partner too. Don’t let them do anything, and instead take everything you want. Long kisses, taking their clothes off… do whatever takes your fancy, but make sure you are in control, and don’t let them orgasm!

12. Use props!
Take stockings to bed, or a Polaroid camera. Pick up a wig, or some whipped cream. Taking props to bed adds new elements to the experience, and will drive them wild… And will have a brilliant effect the next day when they see the props or pictures again.

There are so many ways to spice up your sex life! Use your imagination, and take control. There’s nothing better than enjoying a spicy sex life, and it’ll do wonders for your confidence, too! Just remember to practice safe sex, and to destroy any evidence afterwards! Have you got a tip that makes anyone hot? Please share it with me!