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18 Ways to Tell He’s over His Ex
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Sex & Love | by Liza |

Are you dating a new guy who had a not too distant breakup which has you wondering if there are ways to tell he is over his ex?

Yes girlfriend, assuming he’s not a sociopath, there are definitely tell-tale signs to pick up on where you can determine that he’s definitely so over his ex-girlfriend! So what are you waiting for, let’s put our heads together so we can get to the bottom of this mystery!

1. Flying Solo
One of the surest ways to tell if he is over his ex is if he labels himself as a single man. He says he’s single, his Facebook status is single and his friends refer to him as single. Any guy who isn’t over his ex will be hesitant to volunteer this information and not be open to that topic since he’s still holding on to hope that they’ll reunite.

2. Meet And Greet
Another way to tell he’s over his ex is if you’ve met his friends and if you’ve met his family-even better! Meeting his friends is probably a huge step for most guys since you meeting them is indicating that you two are dating and what’s-her-name is no longer in the picture. I’m not just talking about meeting his wingman either, if you’ve met his crew, you’re good!

3. Say My Name
Another tactic to tell he’s not into her anymore is if he doesn’t mention her name and better yet, never accidentally calls you by her name either! If a guy is still hung up on his ex, he’ll definitely find ways to work her into the convo one way or another. If he never brings her up either in a positive or negative way, you’re on the right track!

4. Friendly Reminder
A good way to tell he’s over his ex if he doesn’t follow his ex’s Facebook statuses like a lost puppy. There’s nothing wrong with being friends with your ex and if he just posts the occasional greeting here and there, she’s not constantly on his mind. Sometimes, if he un-friends her, it’s more of a sign that he can’t handle any reminders of her…

5. No Name-Calling
One of the surefire ways to tell he is over his ex if he no longer keeps her number in his cell under any pet names or any nasty names. Most guys who are over their ex won’t even keep their ex’s number, but if they have legitimate reasons to contact her, he’ll just have her name under his contacts without any added expletives or lovey-dovey names.

6. Sweet as Sugar
Yet another method to tell he’s over his ex is if he’s emotionally stable and sweet. No rollercoaster of emotions or bouts of anger and jealousy over his ex- he’s sweet, stable and sane. Any signs that he’s still bitter and hurt will soon come to the surface so if he’s stable, you’re golden!

7. He Cleaned His Closet
So, what’s another way to tell he is over his ex? He no longer has any mementos of her, no photos, knick-knacks, cards, etc. He doesn’t have a secret stash of her undies tucked away somewhere and he doesn’t have any of her old belongings lingering at his place. How will you know? The truth will come out eventually and any of her things will stick out.

8. She’s Happy, He’s Happy
Another strong indicator he has moved on is if she’s dating someone new and happy and he’s happy for her. No jealous ex hoping for a reunification is going to be happy for his ex who is happy with someone else. If there are any signs that he’s secretly fuming, you’ll be able to tell quickly.

9. Security Blanket
A good sign that he’s over his ex is if he can introduce you to his ex and make you feel secure. Sometimes, you just run into the people you least want to see, but if you happen to see her, your guy doesn’t make you feel like an awkward child in front of her and introduces you to her proudly!

10. Talk That Talk
Another solid sign that he’s over his ex is if he can talk about his past without getting emotional or shutting down. Anyone who’s still nursing a broken heart will be visibly disturbed by recounting a memory and if he can talk about her or something they did without any issues, he’s so over it!

11. No Rushing Attempts
Ladies, another way to tell he is over his ex if he’s not rushing into anything. As long as he’s taking things slow with you-and I don’t mean just sexually. If he’s taking his time getting to know you and dating you, he’s not in a rush to forget his ex or just occupy his time.

12. The First of Many Firsts
Excuse me for sounding a little Fifty Shades of Grey, but another awesome sign he’s over his ex if he’s creating new memories with you. Is he ready to try new things or get out of his comfort zone for you? If so, he’s seriously over his ex! Any guy who isn’t ready to move on won’t be in a hurry to create new memories or try things he isn’t comfortable with.

13. He Aims to Please
Not to quote Christian Grey again, but it’s a sure sign he’s over his ex if he’s focusing on pleasing you and no one else. If he makes you feel special and works hard to make you feel like an important part of his life, he has definitely forgot about his past and you miss, should be happy to have a such a great guy!

14. He’s An Open Book
One of the simplest ways to tell he is over his ex is if he’s an open book and there are no areas of his life that he’s not willing to discuss. If there are no subjects that he’s not willing to delve into regarding his ex or nothing that he won’t elaborate on, it’s a green light that he’s not secretly holding any feelings back for his ex.

15. He Isn’t Hesitant
Additional ways to tell he is over his ex is if he can give you definite answers about future plans or just the future in general. Anytime a guy is still pining for his ex, he’ll probably give you non-committal answers about anything because he’s unsure whether she’ll be back in his life or not. Can he talk about next week or next month? You’re doing good girl!

16. You’re in a Relationship
One of the easiest ways to tell he is over his ex is if the two of you are in an actual relationship. I know, it sounds silly, but anyone who is uncertain about where they stand with their ex or secretly hoping to get back together with them will not enter into another relationship with someone! If he makes a commitment with you, it’s a sure sign he’s over his ex.

17. Healing Time
One of the most obvious ways to tell he is over his ex is if he has had time to heal. No matter how casual the relationship was, everyone needs time to mend their heart and be single for awhile. If your new love interest has been on the market for more than 3 months, it’s very likely that he’s ready to move on with you!

18. No Competition
The last and another obvious way to tell he’s over his ex is if he doesn’t make you feel like you have to compete with his ex. If he expects you to live up to standards set by his ex and makes you feel uncomfortable and insecure, he’s not ready. If he lets you be you and doesn’t expect you to be like anyone else, he has definitely moved on!

There are many subtle and not-so-subtle ways to tell he is over his ex and this was just a sample of the ways a guy will behave if he’s moved on. If you have doubts, talk to him! Yeah, it sucks to get your heart broken so be aware of these signs and be open with him. What are some of the ways you can tell a guy is over his ex?