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4 Things You Can Learn About a Guy From Meeting His Friends
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Lifestyle | by Shallon Lester |

Of course you already know a lot about your man.

But if you pay attention, you can learn some interesting things about him from meeting his friends. Take a look!

1. How competitive he is
A competitive nature isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but your man’s reaction to a loss might reveal something about him. For instance, if he can’t shake a terrible mood when his fantasy team tanks, he may not be super-mature. Sure, any guy would probably get a bit upset. But hopefully, your guy will be able to put it in perspective, so it doesn’t ruin his entire day.

2. How much he’s talked about you
When I met the best friend of one of my former flames, he asked me what I did for work. This was just one bit of conversation that revealed that my then-boyfriend hadn’t even told his bros the basics about me, let alone gush over my awesomeness. But when I first hung out with Eastern European Boy’s pals, they were already so familiar with me, they even asked how my little kitten was doing. Pretty darn charming!

3. His ability to laugh at himself
One of my ex-beaus was pretty short—5’5”—and he would absolutely lose his mind if anyone commented on it. Personally, I didn’t care how tall he was, but I DID care that he stormed out of a bar when his roommate gave him a good-natured pat on the head. Everyone has a sensitive spot, but his reaction showed me that he couldn’t laugh at himself. Not sexy.

4. If he’s a leader or a follower
In every crew, there are power struggles—who chooses the movie, who buys the first round—and it’s interesting to see if your boyfriend takes a passive or assertive role. I like a guy who can throw in his two cents, but won’t huff and puff if things don’t go his way.

What did you notice when you met your man’s group of friends?
What do you think he noticed about your friends?
Do you get along with his pals or not so much?