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7 Reasons NOT to Get Back with Your Boyfriend
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You just went through a breakup and now you are thinking about getting back with your ex boyfriend.

However, you may want to think again. While sometimes it seems like a perfect idea, sometimes it really isn’t a good idea. Below, I am going to give you 7 reasons NOT to get back with your boyfriend.

7. He May be After Revenge
You never know, but this could be true. Did you do something really wrong? Like sleeping with another person while with him? If so, he shouldn’t take you back so easily. If he does, then he could be planning something.

6. You Should Get Over Him
You should give it a month or so to get over him. If you get over him after that time, then it means that you really weren’t into him. However, after you have waited a month or so to get over him and you’re still not over him, then you may want to think about getting back together ““ if he wants to.

5. He’s Not Worth It
Do you really think he is worth it? Chances are, he’s not worth it. Therefore, I am listing this as one of my reasons not to get back with him. However, if you think he is worth it and didn’t do anything wrong, then you might should consider it, but not before you look at my other tips on here.

4. He Moved on Quickly
The moment the two of you broke up, he was running around town with another girl hanging on him. Is this really a guy that is trying to get over a breakup? I guess everyone has different ways of getting over someone, but it is definitely a sign that you should not get back with him.

3. He’s No Good
A reason not to get back with your boyfriend would be because he is no good. Maybe he goes away for days without calling you, stays out all night partying or is a heavy drinker. Perhaps this is the reason you broke up with him in the first place?

2. He Will Only Break Your Heart Again
I tell you, if he broke your heart one time already, he is only going to break your heart again. He got you back one time and will think that he can do it again. He won’t learn from his mistakes if you go back to him.

1. He Was Abusive
This is definitely a reason why you should not get back with your boyfriend. If he was abusive and then goes and tells you that he has changed, then you probably should not believe him with this. That is what they all say and then they don’t change.

Those are 7 reasons NOT to get back with your boyfriend. I am not trying to convince you not to get back with your boyfriend, I am trying to help you think things out. After you have thought things out with an open mind and you still feel the same, then it is worth a try. Are you having a problem with your ex boyfriend?