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7 Ways to Keep The Fire Burning in Your Relationship
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Sex & Love | by Bridget Galbreath |

If you have been with the same person for a long time, chances are that you may be looking for ways to keep the fire burning in your relationship in order to keep things going strong.

Being with the same person for a long time is a wonderful thing, but as with everything in life, things can sometimes get monotonous. Instead of settling with sitting on the couch and watching television together night after night, try some of these ways to keep the first burning in your relationship in order to spice things up and keep things interesting.

1. Go on a Trip

One of the best ways to keep the fire burning in your relationship is to go on a trip together. Choose a destination that you will both enjoy. If you don’t have a lot of time, or a big budget, have no fear; you can plan a weekend getaway to a nearby destination that won’t cost you a ton of money and the impact will be just as powerful.

2. Go on a Date Night

The same old routine of cooking dinner, washing the dishes, putting the kids to bed and then putting yourselves to bed can get really hum-drum after awhile. Spice things up by going out on a date night every once in a while. If you can’t get a sitter, or if going out doesn’t fit into your budget, try having a date night at home. After the kids go to bed, order some take out and enjoy eating by candlelight, just the two of you.

3. Give Each Other Massages

There is nothing more sensual than the human touch, and sometimes you need to really make touching one another a priority. So, go ahead and grab some lotions or oils, dim the lights, play some soft music and give one another a rub down. You will bond with each other and you will both have a chance to unwind.

4. Go on a Hike

This may not sound like an activity that will keep your romance burning, but actually, going on a hike can be quite an experience to have together. Choose a location that offers beautiful views and enjoy walking with one another. You can rely on each other to traverse difficult landscapes, hold hands and spend the day talking to each other and getting to know one another all over again.

5. Go Camping

Again, this may not sound like your idea of romance, but camping can actually be quite an adventure, and one that can surely ignite a fire in your relationship. Think about how primal it will be to be alone together in the wilderness, with nothing but a fire to keep you warm and cozying up in the same sleeping bag. Sounds like there is a lot of romance that can happen in this type of situation.

6. Give Each Other Gifts

You don’t have to give each other expensive gifts, but small little trinkets of your love and affection can do just the trick for putting a little spark in your relationship. Perhaps a box of chocolates, maybe a container of ice cream, or any other small token that you think your significant other will appreciate. And hey, if you want to give jewelry or anything else with a higher price tag, by all means….

7. Write Love Notes

Even though your significant other certainly knows how much you love him, sometimes a little bit of a reminder is not only appreciated, but also something that can really turn up the heat. Write your loved one a love note that tells him how much you love him, how much you appreciate him and so on. The note doesn’t have to be long; just sweet and thoughtful. Leave the note by the coffee pot in the morning, in his briefcase or on his dashboard and you will brighten his day – and your night.

What are some things that you and your significant other do in order to keep things hot and steamy?