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8 Reasons Women Stay in Painful Relationships
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Sex & Love | by Melanie |

Many of us have seen it before, the guy is cheating on the girl and they still insist on staying in the relationship.

Of course, girls are not all innocent, we have witnessed girls cheating on guys before as well, yet the other partner still stays in the painful relationship. Why do they insist on staying in that painful relationship? What is the reason behind it? Below, I am going to give you 8 reasons women stay in painful relationships and then I want you to share any stories with me that you may have.

8. They Can’t Let Go
Sometimes, I admit that it is hard to let go. Even if you have been dragged through hell and back, you may choose to stay in that relationship. Sometimes, these relationships can have good outcomes, but other times, it’s best to just walk away.

7. They’re Afraid to Leave
Of course, sometimes, women can be afraid to leave the relationship. They are afraid what the guy will say about them, what their parents will think and what everyone else will think. I say that life is too short, if you truly do not want to be in that relationship, then it would be a good idea to find an escape. Are you interested in knowing some ways to get out of a relationship?

6. Because The Guy is Charming
One minute they’re mean and the next minute they are Prince Charming. Face it, some guys are good at what they are doing and this is one of the reasons why a woman would stay in a painful relationship.

5. Social Reasons
Some women stay in painful relationship because of social reasons. This is true when the woman and the man share the same friends. They feel that if they end the relationship, they will have to get new friends.

4. They’re Afraid
The woman may not get out of that relationship because she is afraid of what will happen if she were to leave. We have all witnessed it in movies, women sometimes leave and end up getting hurt.

3. No Place to Go
The woman does not have any place to go and they do not know what to do. They do not have a home and do not know where to turn. There are always shelters for battered and abused women that you can turn to.

2. They Think it’s Their Fault
From time to time, women think that they caused the problems. They think the reasons their husband or boyfriend cheated on them is because they did not spend enough time with them or did not do something right. Therefore, they believe it’s their fault.

1. The Kids
We all know that one of the main reasons women stay in relationships when there is pain is because of the children. They do not want their children to go through a divorce and I will admit that children can be traumatized by a divorce. Do you need some tips on how to help children cope with a divorce?

Those are 8 reasons why women stay in painful relationships. If you know of any other reasons, then please share them with me, because I know they exist. Have you been in a painful relationship? How did you get out of it?