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Anal Sex
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Sex & Love | by Geri C. |

Steps to making this enjoyable.

Recently, I’ve learned from my girlfriends that anal sex is out of the question in their relationships. I have never understood this. To me, nothing should be off limits when it comes to sex. When I asked them what their main problem was with it, they all said the same exact thing: “It hurts!” My response to them was that they had to be doing something wrong. So I decided to give all women a quick step guide to improve this much needed form of pleasure.

For all the rookies, I suggest buying a bottle of lube, like Astroglide. This way it will be easier to ease him into your back door.

Remember to relax. A lot of women miss this step because they are so filled with doubt or are just plain nervous. Take deep breathes. Relaxation is the key to this whole process!

Position is important. Most people go for doggy style, but I recommend you do this while lying on your back with him on top. It takes a lot of the pressure off of your lower back. You’ll definitely be a lot more comfortable.

It does hurt…but for only the first three or four thrusts. After that you’ll get into it. Men love doing this.

If you really feel you’re not ready to do the first four steps, then have him stick one to two fingers in your butt. This will help you adjust to something being back there. It also aids you in seeing if this is something that you and your man can add to your menu in the near future.

When and if you let your spouse perform this on you, make sure that he uses a condom. If he doesn’t, make sure that he cleans his penis well before he sticks it back into your vagina. The last thing you need is a bacterial infection!

Vibrators are necessary. While he is in your back door, have your vibrator in hand. If you don’t have one, GET ONE. It should be against the law not to have one. Turn it on and enjoy the orgasmic ride.

This tip is for the men: Fellas, do things to get her mind off of it, like lick on her breasts or kiss on her neck.

I’m positive that if you follow these steps you will begin to love anal sex. If you feel like this is something you can’t even wrap your mind around doing then DON’T DO IT! At the end of the day you need to feel completely comfortable doing this or anything for that matter. I recommend to all of my readers to try it at least once. You have to be your man’s everything and that includes the task of being his slut. There is nothing worse then sex that is the “same ol’, same” to a man. You have to be adventurous and open-minded.

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