Catching up with Taz Wube…

DC Fab! tracked down one half of Marc and Taz to find out what he’s been up to


ove, The Park at Fourteenth, and Layla Lounge. No, this is not a list of some of the hottest venues in Washington, D.C. nightlife although it could be. It’s a small sampling of the D.C. clubs that have been touched by Taz Wube, one half of the infamous promotional team Marc and Taz.
Known around D.C. by his first name only, Taz has changed nightlife in D.C., helping it graduate from "grown and sexy" to "mature and upscale". From working in sales and research to finally leaving his job to pursue the Marc and Taz business venture, Taz has come a long way since he was busting butts on the pool table at Republic Gardens.  Now veterans in the business, the two are responsible for some of our favorite venues in the District.
Taz, it’s no secret that you  are a prominent figure in D.C. nightlife; how did you get started? 
I am a party guy!  Before I was doing parties, I was the guy in the party.  I threw parties all the time when I was in college at Ohio State University with my fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi. When I came to D.C., I hooked up with Marc Barnes and the rest is history!
How did you meet Marc Barnes?
I met Marc in 1998 at Republic Gardens. We had mutual friends and because I was spending a lot of time and money at Republic we sort of just became good friends. Marc eventually convinced me to leave my job doing research and sales to use my strong traits in promoting and marketing. I worked for him for about two years and finally partnered with him about six years ago. 
What is your greatest accomplishment? 
Opening Dream/Love nightclub…when we opened, people said it wouldn’t work because of the location and the size. Still, we made it work!  Then they said the success wouldn’t last but here we are five years later and we’re still rocking on a weekly basis. The stars keep coming; the concerts are getting bigger and better.
Is this a passion for you? What motivates you to create a great party?
It is… this is my craft!  I’m like an artist who takes pride in his work, because I know that this is how people remember me.  When people all over the country can say that they love a Marc & Taz party it keeps me going, and motivates me to keep striving to come up with the next big thing.
People mainly know you from being the marketing director at Love but you have your hand in everything. What are all the local nightspots where you are an influence?
As far as promoting, I’ve done a party at almost every major venue in the city… from Lima to 1223.  Right now, I promote The Park at Fourteenth on Wednesday and Thursday nights, Love on Fridays, the new Layla Lounge on Saturdays, and the Park on Sundays.  
Where is your favorite place to party?
When I’m in the U.S. it would have to be in Miami. The weather, the scene, the crowds… I love it! When I’m out of the country, it would have to be Dubai!
As a veteran, what advice do you have for up and coming promoters or club owners?
I would say promoting is not as easy as it looks. Everybody thinks they can just jump into this game and be successful. Take your time and understand your crowd and what it is that they are looking for. From there, give the people what they want.

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By Joi-Marie

Shy Magazine Staff Writer

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    I like that guy Taz he seems like a cool person all the time… he is a club dude… when you see him having fun it lets you know how to party…I encourage you to check out all his parties..

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    Thats my man Taz, The key to it all was figuring out DC club seen and they did. So they took avantage of it like any promoter will do. So i take my hat off to him and mark keep up the good work

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    Taz is some pure dee shit…sike

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    Naw for real I’m proud of HIM.

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