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Does a Woman Have to be in a Relationship to be Considered Successful?2 comments

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We all have different definitions of success. Maybe yours is a vacation home in Nantucket, a corner office or 85 pairs of Louboutins.
| by Shallon Lester |

For me, it’s being able to afford a set of Louis Vuitton luggage—yes, even the hat box. But when you picture your ultimate self, is marriage always part of the equation?

Actress Lauren Graham, who charmed us as uber-cool mama Lorelai on Gilmore Girls, says that despite being single at 42, she considers herself a glittering success—and I do, too!

“I’m in a profession where two percent of people are working, yet there’s still this implication that you’re not completely successful if you’re single and in your 40s,” she told More magazine.

Sometimes, we feel the need to be the perfect everything—friend and daughter and boss and wife and mother. Personally, I do believe it’s possible to have it all—but maybe not at the exact same time. Everyone has different priorities, and we each operate on our own timing.

But Lauren says that while society might wag its finger at her for not being in a relationship, she’s focused on pleasing herself.

“You learn to give yourself a break,” she explains. “I want to continue to celebrate where I am and not be apologetic. Whether I’m 43 or 60, I want to say, this is where I want to be in my life, because, hey, this is it.”


How do you define success? Is marriage part of the equation for you? Do you feel any pressure to tie the knot?

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  1. Success is relative and definitely left up to personal definition. I have been close to marriage, but never made it down the aisle. In a lot of ways seems like a fantasy. I am learning to love myself and be truly accepting of all things, me! Sometimes it can be hard, but it allows room for personal growth. If marriage is in my life plan then it will happen, me stressing self over it won’t make it happen any faster.
    For me success is doing what I love and enjoying my life and slowly I’m getting there!

  2. I feel it does make you seem more successful if you have a spouse. If you don’t people assume something is wrong with you. Why won’t a man marry her!? The same holds true for men though. I know men that get married because it helps them out as far as status and business deals. These days, marriage…its just what you do.

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