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Julianna Margulies Talks “The Good Wife” & Cheating Husbands with More0 comments

Her hit show “The Good Wife” just wrapped up its third season, and Julianna Margulies is following the milestone up with a cover appearance on the May 2012 issue of More Canada magazine.
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The 45-year-old actress shows off her timeless beauty while clad in a Just Cavalli dress with Cathy Waterman earrings for the Alexei Hay shot front page while opening up about topics ranging from her TV character to how she’d react if her husband was unfaithful.

Highlights from Miss Margulies’ interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to More Canada!

On viewers being able to relate to “The Good Wife” character:
“What I love about this character is there are so many points of entry. People relate to everything, from her putting her career on hold for 13 years to being a working mother, to having a husband who’s cheating, to having an affair of her own, to having a daughter who gives her grief for drinking a glass of wine.”

On how she would react if her own husband cheated:
“It’s happened to friends of mine. I’ve seen marriages dissolve, and I’ve seen one marriage make it – with a lot of hard work. I don’t know if I could do it; I think I’d be playing [the betrayal] in my head the whole time. I don’t know if I’d ever be able to be fully present and I don’t want to live that way. But you have to figure out what’s best for you.”

On turning down a $27 million two-season offer to continue her role as Carol Hathaway on E.R.:
“I’m a smart girl, I had a year’s worth of work waiting and a mortgage completely paid at age 32. I was under no illusion that I was going to be some big movie star. My dad said, ‘If you got hit by a bus tomorrow, were you living your life truthfully or were you waiting to get rich?’ If I died and my soul started leaving my body, would I be looking down going, ‘You idiot. You could have gone to Prague, you could have been on Broadway?” Those are the things I wanted to do.”

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