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La Toya Jackson: Michael Was Murdered … His Kids Have ‘Nothing’

La Toya Jackson is convinced her brother Michael was murdered.
| By POPEaster | 2011 |

From the bottom of her heart, murdered. And she knows who did it. The second half of Jackson’s memoir, ‘Starting Over,’ deals with her gradual reconciliation with her famous family, specifically Michael. The outspoken singer-actress pulled no punches when PopEater caught up with her to discuss her controversial theories about the King of Pop’s death and her belief that Dr. Conrad Murray was just a “fall guy” in an insidious conspiracy to kill. Why? To attain the bottomless pot of gold that is MJ’s song catalog. And who told her this was going to happen? Michael. She tells us she’s fighting this fight, even if it’s unpopular within her family, because she wants what’s best for Michael’s three orphans. “Michael always used to say, ‘La Toya I want to leave everything to my kids,’ and here they have absolutely nothing,” she said.

You think Michael was murdered.
Yes, I do. I believe that from the bottom of my heart. The people that he told me were going to murder him are behind his murder. They know that. They know who they are. They’re controlling his estate now.

You believe it was over his publishing catalog.
That’s what he told me. Within a week of his death people he had eradicated from his life completely, came in lurking, asking questions about the catalog, speaking to the attorney who controls the catalog. My brother Michael was clean (when he died), he had no drugs in his system, he was leading a good life. He was unhappy with the way people were treating him. The coroner said there was nothing in him except for the propofol which was pumped in his body and it was enough to kill an elephant.

Dr. Murray was simply the fall guy, there were people behind it. It was a conspiracy and they know that. I want to have a one-on-one with Dr. Murray. I would love to sit down and talk with him.

You say the English tour was fishy.
First of all he told me he never would do a tour again because he said they would assassinate him if he was on stage. He finally agreed to ten shows which he didn’t want to do but he agreed and he wakes up overnight and there’s 50 shows and they told him he had to do them. They knew he wasn’t capable of them, they knew he wasn’t healthy enough. He had a kidney problem, he was extremely thin, he was always freezing. They knew what they were doing. This isn’t what I’m thinking, these are facts.

How does your family feel about you saying this?
When you lose a loved one, everybody is so hurt and there were some that said, ‘Oh he’s dead, let it be and move on,’ but no, I need to find out what happened. My mother and father have always been for me and on my side and telling me they’re so proud of me, to keep fighting. I love that, it gives me the tenacity to keep fighting and for his children. Michael always used to say, ‘La Toya I want to leave everything to my kids,’ and here they have absolutely nothing.

How are his children doing?
They’re doing very well thank you. I’m very proud of them. It was my mother’s decision to unmask them. She felt like she wanted them to be normal. However I understand why Michael did it. He wanted his kids to have the freedom to go out and not be recognized when they weren’t with him.

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