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Will Smith Too Expensive To Return For Independence Day Sequel


Mostly comedic actor Will Smith has become quite known for his summer blockbuster movies.
| by Jed Eckert | 2013 |

Starting with Men In Black and moving toward Independence Day and I, Robot, most of his flicks have always been commercial successes. That was until the release of After Earth hit movie theaters just recently. The movie stars Will with his son Jaden and it basically bombed in ticket sales all over the world.

One had to begin wondering if the world was just sick and tired of Will Smith’s summer blockbusters? We’re guessing not. But despite the chance that a sequel to Independence Day might actually be a success in the box office, the veteran actor says that he is way too expensive for the role. That amounts to being way too big for your britches, in our humble opinions.

In the 1996 movie, Will really brought the character of Captain Steven Hiller to life and made us root for him and love him. Now that he’s a big Hollywood star and this could probably rake in some serious dough, Will is looking to step away from the role that helped his star shine brighter.

The followup to the movie is gearing up for a 2015 release and its director, Roland Emmerich says that
Will is too expensive for the role. In addition, he said that Will would be too much of a “marquee name” and that they would prefer to have some old cast members as well as new ones.

Let’s hope that they’ll be bringing back Bill Pullman as the President as well as Brent Spiner, who starred as Dr. Brackish Okun and Randy Quaid as the previous kidnapping victim. Who do you wish to see returning to the big screen in the new movie? Do you think the director would be well-advised to bring back Will Smith? Or maybe even Jaden Smith for this one? Share your thoughts below.

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