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2 Die 4: Sergio Rossi Suede Boots0 comments

Sergio Rossi Suede Boots //

Finally! Something that combines my love for suede, with my eternal love for boots, with my love for all things fabulous!
| by Sheila //

Presenting, the ravishing Sergio Rossi Suede Boots that cover my two favorite c’s for the day… classic and comfortable!

What’s so fab about it: My favorite part about this pair is its simple design, which makes it perfect for a casual day out. Plus it looks uber-comfortable and warm, and I can only imagine how great the suede would feel against my cheek. What! Have you never done that with a pair of shoes?

The boots come in a neutral beige and an electric blue which I know can literally drive my blues away 😀

Where would I wear it: It’s impossible to wear suede often here in India, so I’ll save this for my holiday in Paris. They’d go perfect with skinny jeans, a cute harajuku tee, maybe even a Fedora hat if I feel adventurous!

How Many Tall Lattes It’s Worth: 395

Where to Look 4 It:

I know these Sergio Rossi Suede Boots seem a bit pricey, but they also seem like a great one-time investment and if you’re nice to them, they will last you forever. Don’t you agree?

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