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7 Reasons Why You Are Attracting Mr. Wrong


You readers asked for a way to find out how you are attracting Mr. Wrong, so we’ve got all of the signs and reasons why Mr. Wrong might be attracted to you!
| by Heather Jensen //

Finding out the top ways why you are attracting Mr. Wrong can be hard to spot right off the bat, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be aware of them! So, take a look and some of the reasons why Mr. Wrong might be finding you instead of Mr. Right!

Sex & Love

Folks In Los Angeles Having The Most Sex, Folks In Philly, The Best

Photo: Getty Images //
A new sex survey conveniently sponsored by Trojan found that people in Los Angeles are getting busy more often than the rest of us.
| By Ami Angelowicz |

According to the survey, Angelinos do it about 135 times a year, while the rest of us poor cads only get laid about 120 times a year

Sex & Love

8 Lies That You’re Allowed To Tell In Bed


Despite our best efforts to dispel stigmas when it comes to sex, a new study published in the journal of Sex Roles found that men and women are still lying about their “number” just as much as they were a decade ago.
| by The Frisky

Researchers found that, when hooked up to a lie detector, men reported fewer sexual partners , while women reported more partners. To those findings we say: let’s just stop pretending that we have to be honest in bed ALL THE TIME.

Sex & Love

7 Beautiful Lingerie Pieces That Will Kick-Start Your Partner’s Sex Drive


Beautiful lingerie is not just something that we wear for our partner, it is something that can really make us feel sexy as women.

| by Heather Jensen

Now, I am not talking about lingerie that is all about thongs and is super tight and uncomfortable, I am talking about beautiful lingerie that will drive your partner insane but will also make sure that you feel sexy too.