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7 Signs That You Are Dating a Psychopath1 comment

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If you’ve ever had the feeling that you are dating a complete psychopath, but don’t know what signs you are dating a psychopath to look for, I’ve got you covered!
| by Heather Jensen |

Dating someone who is controlling, who has no empathy or even is completely and totally charming in every aspect can make it hard to see the signs you are dating a psychopath. They are out there ladies and below, I’m going to go over all of the top signs you are dating a psychopath!

1. Lack of Empathy

Does your boyfriend seem to have absolutely no emotions? Does he lack a lot of sympathy and empathy? These are natural emotions and if your boyfriend seems to not have them, it might be one of the signs you are dating a psychopath. Your boyfriend should have some type of empathy when it comes to certain situations and throughout your entire relationship.

2. Lots of Lies

Do you constantly catch your boyfriend in a lie? Does everything he says typically end up being a lie? If this is exactly what you’re experiencing, it might be one of the signs you are dating a psychopath and should watch out. Psychopaths typically lie about everything and can even live double lives sometimes. Keep that in mind girls the next time you catch him in a lie!

3. Excessive Charm

When you first met your boyfriend, did he completely dazzle you in every way, shape and form? Did he constantly say all of the right things and did all of the right things? Did he charm all of your friends and even your family the second that he met them? That’s a sign you are dating a psychopath girls. Excessive charm is fishy – being nice is one thing, but charm is another. It can be fake.

4. No Conscience

Does your boyfriend have a conscience? Does he commit things and not feel any guilt at all over them? Do you see that in him? This is absolutely a sign you are dating a psychopath girls. Every single person in the world has a conscience, which means that if your boyfriend doesn’t, that’s scary.

5. Sadistic Humor

What about his humor? Does he find humor in things that most people would find disgusting or even completely unlawful? If your boyfriend is laughing at animals being hurt or at people getting blown up, it might be time for you to totally rethink your relationship.

6. Behavior after Sex

How does your boyfriend behave after sex? Does he cuddle with you? Does he make you feel completely loved? Or does he just get up and shower? Or maybe does he treat you like you are not worth anything? Ask yourself these questions girls and see exactly what your answers are.

7. Repeats The Same Mistakes

Finally girls, does he constantly repeat the same mistakes that he makes promises not to make? Does he constantly say all of the right things to get out of you getting angry? This is a sign you are dating a psychopath girls. Remember, you want someone that is going to learn from their mistakes, not constantly make the same ones over and over again.

So, there you have it, all of my top signs you are dating a psychopath. Do any of these signs you are dating a psychopath match your boyfriend? What other signs are out there?

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  1. dave

    These traits apply more to women than men for sure.   Growing numbers of women are brought up to believe the man has a responsibility to make her happy and that she perceives herself as queen of everything, and she has a high chance of being on prescription psycho drugs — i think like one 1 in 5 women and maybe one in ten or 12 men are on psycho drugs….

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