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13 Reasons Why Women Say “No” to Anal Sex

13 Reasons Why Women Say “No” to Anal Sex

  • Explore the reasons why some women say 'no' to anal sex. From concerns about pain, misconceptions about AIDS, to issues of trust and health considerations.
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First of all, I am going to be very open with the readers of my blog. I am not against anal sex.

If you do it with the one you love and do it right, it can be fun. However, I have recently read a blog on here that a lady posted called Anal Sex- Steps to Making this Enjoyable… I have to give kudos to her, because she listed some great reasons in my book.

However, this is not the first time I have researched the subject. I have noticed a lot of girls out there that say “No” when it comes to anal sex. When I was reading the comments to the blog I previously told you about, I found many reasons as to why they say no to anal sex. Below, I am going to give you 13 reasons that I found in previous blog entries (real women who say “no) on anal sex…

13. It hurts
Do you know how many posts I have seen where women say it hurts? This seems to be the top reason as to why women are saying no to anal sex.

12. Anal sex is a good way to get AIDS
I actually saw that in a blog post. According to research I have done, you cannot get aids from anal sex, unless the person already has aids. However, again, I have found that this is a reason many women give. Maybe it is an excuse to get out of anal sex?

11. It is a homosexual desire
While I do not believe this, again, I have found many women out there that say that it is a homosexual desire.

10. Why there?
Why would any guy want to put his penis up there in that dirty place? Yes, I actually saw that posted on a blog and well, many girls do agree with this poster.

9. The eeky factor
That is just plain out disgusting for many women and there’s not much that can be done about that.

8. It’s pointless
From the anatomical point of view there simply can be no pleasure out of anal sex for women. Seriously. There’s nothing up there that can actually make it feel good.

7. Lack of trust
I do not trust my man enough to have anal sex with him.

6.I am saving anal sex for a very very very very special day.
Somehow, I think that very very very special day is never going to get there for that girl. However, it is a very good reason.

5. It’s too big
The guys penis is just waaaay too big to go up in that little bitty hole.

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4. We might bleed
When some girls have anal sex, they bleed out of the area and many women do not want to go through this. Women who are dealing with hemorrhoids say no to anal sex.

3. Droplets? No thanks.
Droplets coming out of the derriere are far from being sexy. Yes, that was from a blog post I read. Some women feel that it is not sexy at all.

2. It might cause health problems
There was one girl in a post that said she had too much anal sex and it stretched out her butt and caused her to have some problems. One of those problems was the fact that she could not control it. Do you think this could actually happen?

1. It’s just not for me
Anal sex is just not something that is enjoyed by some women. Not wanting it and not enjoying it should be enough to say no. Don’t you think?

So girls, how many of you out there like anal sex? Is there a reason other than what is on my list that you do not like anal sex? If so, would you please post it for me as I am doing a bit of research…thank you in advance.

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