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7 Vegan Nail Polish Brands That Will Make Your Nails Look Great
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Beauty | by Heather Williams |

I adore finding new vegan beauty products that I can afford, like these fabulous vegan nail polish brands.

I revamped my beauty routine several years ago to be more vegan friendly, and though I’m not 100% there yet, I’m getting closer. I try to buy one new vegan beauty product each time I run out of my old traditional brand. This keeps my budget in check and makes it seem less overwhelming. With summer in full swing, I thought it would be good to spotlight some of my favorite vegan nail polish brands that aren’t only animal friendly, but also totally awesome. These won’t chip away, wash away or give you a headache from toxic fumes. Best of all, you can wear them knowing they hurt absolutely no sweet little animals in the making of these gorgeous products.

1. Suncoat
One of the most uncommon vegan nail polish brands is in fact one of the best. Suncoat is a water-based, nontoxic nail polish that is also 100% vegan. It comes in a variety of shades, and is available online and in some salons across the U.S. I absolutely adore this tangerine color for summer! Don’t worry if you don’t dig the tangerine color for your own nails, though. This brand carries a multitude of shades, ranging from pale to vibrant to everything in between. Find it at iHerb at prices ranging between $7 and $7.50.

2. Peacekeeper Cause-metics
Not only does the name sound pretty catchy, but the brand Peacekeeper Cause-metics is actually pretty impressive as a company. After tax, all profits from the company’s animal friendly cosmetics line are donated to women’s advocacy issues and human rights causes. I know that makes me feel better about spending my money on cosmetic items, what about you? The company promotes slavery-free laboring and gives women the opportunity to have a job when otherwise they wouldn’t. You can find these polishes at iHerb at prices ranging between $6 and $6.50.

3. Zoya
Zoya is by far one of the most popular brands of vegan nail polish, and rated as the best among many reviewers nationwide. This brand just released a new nail polish edition known as “Pixie Dust,” which I’m in love with. The new “Pixie Dust” edition features a glitter finish, though the brand carries a huge variety of bright shades, as well as more neutral shades. I’m in love with the colors, especially the brighter corals, reds and oranges that are perfect for summer. I also adore the trendy turquoise and peacock blue colors, for a fun and playful look. You can get every shade at for $8.

4. OPI
Most people don’t know that one of the most common drugstore varieties of nail polish, and one found in possibly every salon in America, is actually vegan. Yet, OPI formulas were supposedly redesigned recently to be completely vegan, though they aren’t advertised as so. Either way, I’m in love with the shades this brand contains, especially all those beautiful, bright colored varieties! You can find OPI, and OPI collaborations, online and in stores at a range of prices.

5. Priti NYC
Priti NYC is one of the most elite types of vegan nail polish brands out there. Their incredibly wide range of colors is sure to please just about anyone and honestly, I don’t know how I’d pick just one shade out of the hundreds that they offer. Priti nail polish is known for its ability to withstand most anything, making the shades more durable and worth the money. Head to Priti NYC, where prices range between $12 and $14.

6. Spa-Ritual
This nail polish brand is one of my favorites. It is completely toxic-free and I love how the website categorizes shades by the type of hue they have, such as dramatic, earthy, airy, and cool. The shades are gorgeous and the size of each nail laquer bottle is well worth the price. I like to store these polishes in my fridge to preserve them since humidity can affect the quality of more natural polishes like these. My three favorite shades are “Eternal,” “Dangerous Liaison” and “Dreamsicle,” which are all bold, vibrant and really make a statement with most any fashion ensemble. Get them for $12-$13 at SpaRitual.

7. E.l.f
You just can’t beat the price of this surprisingly long-lasting, vegan nail polish. I love e.l.f. products anyway, because they aren’t only affordable, they’re also vegan and of high quality, despite the price. I have bought several pieces of their makeup line and love it as well, but their nail polish was quite a pleasing surprise to me. I assumed for the price, it would be like any other cheap nail polish out there, meaning it would peel and crack in no time. Yet, when I discovered how effective it was and saw that it actually stayed on my nails all week, I was sold. Check out the variety of shades e.l.f has to offer, both online and in many stores. They’re around $2 a bottle, and with a price so great, you can even afford to buy some for your friends too!

Though I’m not 100% vegan, I do like to purchase vegan products when I can. I think beauty products are one area we can all improve on, since most of us grew up using toxic drugstore products that are really just full of nasty stuff, not to mention tested and used on animals. Check out more cruelty-free beauty products like these nail polishes when you can. I think you’ll be surprised how great they actually work. Do you use any kinds of vegan beauty products like nail polish?