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7 Wicked Ways to Tease Your Man
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Sex & Love | by Heather Jensen |

If you are completely at a loss for ways to tease your man that are super fun and will keep your sex life and relationship overall interesting, you’ve got to take a look below!

I‘ve come up with all of the different ways to tease your man that really work and that are ideal for any relationship! So, take a look, girls, and let the teasing games begin!

1. Unexpected Affection
Guys don’t typically expect a lot of affection from their girlfriends, but if you manage to get a guy off guard with an unexpected tongue-kiss or a subtle touch that is a little proactive, then you’ll have the upper hand! This is a great way to tease him no matter where you are and let him know what will happen when you two get home! This is absolutely one of the top ways to tease your man!

2. PDA
Unexpected affection can happen anywhere, but PDA is centered in on public affection! If you are out in public, why not slip your arm around him, hold him a little tighter, sit in his lap when you are in a position to do so while you are out. If you are dancing? Dance a little closer and really tease him that way!

3. Lingerie
I think that lingerie is one of those things that a lot of women forget about, but slipping into a beautiful lingerie piece can really make your guy go crazy! This is especially true if you catch him completely off guard, such as changing into the lingerie as soon as you get home and wearing a robe around until after dinner.

4. Sexy Perfume
There are tons of different perfumes out there that are pretty amazing and can really drive your man completely wild. All you need to do is find the one that works for your body chemistry, one that you know he’ll love. It’s amazing how a smell can change everything!

5. Toys
Bringing toys and a little excitement into the bedroom is a great way to tease your man! Even just laying out a toy in plain sight in the morning, so that he knows what is coming, will get him thinking about it all day! Give it a try and see what happens.

6. Spontaneous Sex
Who said that you need to plan sex all of the time? Trust me, there are tons of ways to spice up the bedroom sex, but why not just make it completely spontaneous? That’s sometimes the very best sex and truthfully, it’s sex that you don’t need to plan for at all! The best part about this sex? It can happen anywhere at all!

7. Food Fight
Finally, have you ever thought about bringing food into it? Have you thought about a jar of fluff or even some whipped cream in the bedroom? It’s a surefire way to tease him and it’ll keep things spicy and delicious for days! Just find a great food that you like and give this a try!

So girls, even if you are completely attuned to all of the ways to tease your guy, these are just a few examples! What other tips do you have? Give ’em up! We’d love to hear what works for you and maybe what quirks your partner has!