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8 Benefits of Owning a Dog

8 Benefits of Owning a Dog

8 Benefits of Owning a Dog
It’s no secret that I’m more of a cat person, but when I’m out and about I see many people walking their dogs.

So, although I’ve no plans to ever get one myself, I got to thinking about what dogs can bring to someone’s life, and I’ve concluded that there are many benefits to owning one. Here are just some of them:

1. Company
If you live alone, your faithful dog can be great company. It’s especially good for an older person to have a dog, as many are alone and without family nearby. With a pet dog, not only will they feel less isolated but will have a reason to go out and something to care for.

2. Exercise
Whatever your age, it’s all too easy to live a sedentary life these days. Fido, however, wants his walks twice a day. So whether you want to or not, you have to grab that lead and take him out. He gets his daily exercise and so do you.

3. Sociability
It’s often said that if you want to get to know people then you should get a dog. This seems to be very true, if the number of dog owners I see chatting to each other is anything to go by. I often get the impression that people bump into each other regularly as they walk their dogs.

4. Security
If you live in an isolated location or on your own, and it makes you feel vulnerable, then a dog can be a big reassurance. I’ve heard that rather than a large dog, it’s smaller breeds that are more likely to react if they hear a potential intruder! Certainly it’s the little dogs that seem to make the most noise!

5. Health
Although owning any pet is known to be beneficial to your health, studies have shown that dog owners receive even greater benefits. This is probably down to the fact that walking the dog is good exercise for both canine and human, plus the opportunities for social contact with other owners.

6. Loyalty
A cat decides for itself if it is loyal to you or not (and many are). Dogs, on the other hand, are much more likely to show loyalty. So if you want a pet that’s devoted to you, that’s the better option.

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7. Stress Reduction
Had a hard day at work? Something bothering you? Pets are a proven method of lowering stress levels. So when life’s getting you down, curl up and stroke your dog, and you’ll soon feel better.

8. Reward
You can give a home to a deserving animal. Shelters are full of dogs looking for a home, and ready to be your friend for life. Rescue one of these animals and it will repay you many times over.

Any loving dog (or cat) owner will tell you that they are worth every penny spent on them. So if you have the time, space and resources, why not consider taking one into your home and heart?

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