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8 Excuses to Escape a Blind Date Gone Wrong (Without Being Rude)

8 Excuses to Escape a Blind Date Gone Wrong (Without Being Rude)

  • Discover a list of clever and believable excuses to gracefully exit a date.
Excuses to Get Out of a Date

We’ve all been there: you’re on a blind date, and it’s turning into a full-on cringe fest. The conversation is drier than the Sahara, your date’s breath could knock a buzzard off a meat wagon, and you’re starting to seriously consider faking a seizure just to get out of there. But fear not, social butterflies! Here are 8 foolproof excuses to gracefully exit stage left, without burning any bridges (or setting them on fire with your awkward silences).

1. The Classic “Not Feeling Well”

It’s a timeless tale as old as blind dates themselves. Suddenly, you’re struck down by a mysterious illness that compels you to curl up in bed with a vat of soup and a box of tissues. Bonus points if you can muster a convincing cough or sniffle. Just be sure to avoid anything too contagious, like Ebola (unless you’re really desperate).

2. The Work Emergency

Ah, the ever-reliable work emergency. Your boss just called, the server is on fire, and you’re needed at the office ASAP! This excuse works best if you’re a freelancer or have a job that’s notoriously demanding (investment bankers, surgeons, rocket scientists, you get the picture).

3. The Sudden Family Crisis

Your grandma’s prize poodle just swallowed a badminton birdie? Your Uncle Phil got locked in the fruit cellar again? These are the kinds of family emergencies that simply can’t wait. Just remember to keep the details vague enough to avoid any awkward follow-up questions.

4. The Transportation Fail

Your car suddenly sprouted wings and flew away? The subway system decided to stage a spontaneous dance party, blocking all trains? The possibilities are endless! Just make sure your chosen mode of transportation is believable for your location. If you live in Manhattan, blaming a faulty rickshaw might raise a few eyebrows.

5. The Double-Booked Blunder

Oops! You totally forgot about that super important dentist appointment/charity gala/alien abduction rehearsal you had scheduled for the same time. It happens to the best of us! Just express your sincere apologies and promise to make it up to your date sometime (if you really want to).

6. The “Not Feeling It” Vibe

Sometimes, you just don’t click with someone. And that’s okay! It’s perfectly acceptable to politely express that you’re not feeling a romantic connection and would prefer to end the date early. Just be honest and respectful, and you’ll avoid any unnecessary drama.

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7. The Mysterious Text from an Ex

The ex you haven’t spoken to in years just texted you out of the blue? Sounds like destiny calling! (Or maybe just a convenient excuse to make a hasty retreat). This one is a bit risky, but hey, if you can pull it off, more power to you.

8. The Power Outage Ploy

Suddenly, the entire restaurant plunges into darkness! This is your cue to make a dramatic escape, claiming you need to check on your apartment building/hamster/pet rock. Just be prepared to offer your date a flashlight if they need one on their way out.

Remember: These excuses are just tools to help you navigate the occasional dating disaster. It’s always best to be honest and upfront with your date if possible. But hey, if you’re stuck in a situation where a little white lie can save your sanity, go for it! Just remember to do it with grace and humor, and you’ll be out of there in no time.

Bonus Tip: If you’re truly worried about hurting your date’s feelings, you can always offer to reschedule for another time (with no intention of actually following through, of course). This way, you’ll leave the door open for a potential escape route in the future.

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