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Big Hearts, Small Packages: 8 Reasons to Love Your Petite Boobs

Big Hearts, Small Packages: 8 Reasons to Love Your Petite Boobs

  • Explore the perks of smaller busts in fashion, self-love, and avoiding the challenges that come with larger sizes.
Big Hearts, Small Packages: 8 Reasons to Crush on Your Petite Boobs

Hold up, ladies! Before you reach for the push-up padding or contemplate the dubious charm of duct tape, let’s talk about those delightful little mounds you call your chest. I’m not here to preach body positivity, I’m here to preach body revelry. Because trust me, small breasts are like the BeyoncĂ© of body parts: underestimated, underrated, and fierce as hell. So ditch the insecurities and join me on a celebration of the flat and fabulous!

The advantages of having small breasts are often overlooked. Women can make a fortune from their enhanced assets, and the media encourages us to think that we are not “real” women without large breasts. So we are given the message that there are no reasons to love small breasts. That´s just not true! There are lots of advantages of having small breasts – read on and find out.

1. Cheaper Bras

One of the main complaints that women with larger breasts have is the difficulty of finding bras in larger sizes. The bigger the cup size, the harder it is to find a range that goes up to that size. And even if they can find bras that fit, they are very expensive and tend not to be available in pretty styles. Smaller women, however, have a lot more choices and don’t need to pay as much.

2. No Backache

Perhaps one of the major advantages of small breasts is that you will never suffer the backache that some women have to put up with. Large breasts can really make a woman´s life difficult, and even cause her a lot of pain. Believe me, some of them would really envy your smaller breasts!

3. You Get What You´re Given!

Another of the reasons to love small breasts is that unless you want to go through painful, expensive and unnecessary surgery, you get what nature gives you. So, since you can´t easily do anything about it, why not learn to be happy with what you’ve got? There really is no point wishing that you were different, and there is nothing wrong with the way you are.

4. Natural

What is wrong with being happy with your natural body? I really don´t understand why so many women are so unhappy with the way they look. As I stated above, we get what we´re given. Breast size is part of that. Love the way you are – you´ll be a lot happier than if you spend your time wishing you looked different!

5. Droop-Free

One of the great reasons to love small breasts is that we don´t suffer the same problems our better-endowed sisters do as we get older. Heavier breasts unfortunately tend to droop with age – happily that´s something smaller breasts won´t do. So look on the bright side!

6. Fit Your Frame

Women with slender frames tend to have small breasts. It´s about proportion. If you´re on the slight side, large breasts would make you look like you were about to topple over! Implants look ridiculous on thin women – larger breasts belong on women who have the frame to support them.

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7. Clothes

Having small breasts makes choosing clothes a lot easier. Many women with larger breasts find it very difficult to get tops that fit, because the garments aren´t designed to accommodate them. With small breasts, you can wear strappy tops without having to worry about bra straps showing!

8. Not Just a Pair of Breasts!

Ask any woman with ample breasts and she will tell you about men staring at her breasts, as if there is nothing more to them. Women are still treated as if having large breasts means that they don´t have any brains. Obviously that´s not so, but it´s one irritation that the small-breasted woman will never have to put up with.

So if you struggle to fill an A cup, you will now see that there are plenty of reasons to love small breasts. We should all learn to love ourselves as we are, and not wish that we were different. We are how we are! So enjoy the advantages of small breasts and forget about trying to aspire to an imperfect ideal. Are you a small-breasted woman who wishes she had more “up top”, or does having larger breasts cause you problems and make you wish you had less?

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