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10 Things Men Say When They Are Cheating


We don’t want it to be true, but sometimes men cheat and the first thing you shouldn’t do is blame yourself.
| by Diana Trotter|

Relationships can be difficult at times, but it is never a reason to cheat on the person you love. So what are the signs to look for of a cheating man, are there certain things that men say or do when they cheat?


Going make-up free is more stressful than a job interview

Stressful: More than two thirds of women have said they would be too scared to face the world if they had not applied full make-up
It is perhaps the reason that women spend so long in front of the bathroom mirror.
Sex & Love

7 Easy Ways to Tell If a Guy Likes You

If you’ve spent one too many hours obsessing over his latest status update, here’s your crash course on ways to tell if a guy likes you.
| by Diana Denza |

From flirty texts to quick glances in the hallways, these 7 tips will help you figure out whether he has a thing for you or has placed you in the friend zone. Get ready for a cheat sheet to the game of love!