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6 Tips For Losing Belly Fat Before Summer
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Lifestyle | by Kati Blake |

Everyone hates belly fat, but it appears so fast, and can be so hard to get rid of! Now is the time to start concentrating on banishing it, though, so you are looking great by Summer.

I’ve been quizzing gyms and doctors on the best ways to lose belly fat, and here are their top six tips…

1. Carbohydrates
Prevent more fat from settling around your waist by avoiding processed carbohydrates, and replacing them with a healthier alternative. You’d be surprised how much of a difference this will make!

2. Cardio
Plan at least one cardio exercise each week, such as going for a run. This is a good way to burn fat, and will also improve your general fitness! I don’t particularly like running, but I’ve found a few games of tennis has the same effect.

3. Aerobics
Aerobic exercises are great for burning fat and toning up, so try to find one you like. Something simple like an aerobics tape is easy to fit in, but if you need more motivation, go swimming and do an aerobics in water class, or join an aerobics class with a friend.

4. Yoga
As cardio and aerobics will improve you generally, you might get better results if you add some area targeting yoga to your schedule. Once you’ve learnt the moves, it’ll only take you five minutes to practise them, and your stomach will be looking great in no time!

5. Practise your Posture
Your posture will make a big difference to how you look, so make sure you sit up straight, with your head straight. You’ll train your muscles to sit correctly, which will help you to look good!

6. Water
Make sure you are drinking enough water. If you aren’t getting 8 – 10 glasses a day, your body will find it hard to remove toxins, and you’ll be left finding it very hard to lose fat, and will feel very under the weather!

Belly fat is hard to lose, as the area is hard to target. Combining the above will mean you lose your belly fat and increase your general fitness, though, which is always a winner! Have you got a tip of losing belly fat? Please share it with me!

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