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7 Naughty Tricks to Try on Your Man
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7 Naughty Tricks to Try on Your Man
Sex & Love | by kC |

First of all, I will give a little warning – if your mother lets you on here solely to get advice and she does not want you getting “sexual” advice, then don’t read this.

Some say you should be at least 18 years of age before you even read these tips. Winks. These are 7 naughty tricks to try on your man. These are tips that in my opinion your man is going to enjoy. If you have never released your naughty side to him, then now is the time to start doing so. Let me continue …

7. Slip a Surprise
The next time the two of you are in public, excuse yourself to go to the women’s room. Take you panties off and stick them in your purse. Then, when you return, secretly slip them in his pocket and give him a wink. Guys say no-panties-in-public is a big turn on. Try this during a romantic dinner and watch his eyes pop out.

6. The View
When the two of you are staying in a hotel together, take advantage of that balcony. This one is one of my favorite naughty tricks. Sneak out on the balcony during the night, but make sure those lights are off or you may end up with an audience. This can be very calming, especially if the sound of water is around. Not to mention the fact that it can be naughty.

5. Striptease
Did someone just say “Striptease?” Yes, that guy will definitely find you naughty if you were to do a striptease right in front of him. This will leave to steamy lovemaking!

4. Lights, Camera, Action
I believe you know where I am going with this one! You can be his very own porn star. Of course, you wouldn’t want them to leak out, so I recommend this one only for happily married couples. Break out with the camera, but make sure your partner does not mind it.

3. Circles
Sure, guys are grateful for getting a blow job – but that is no excuse to just move up and down! Use the tongue slowly and wind it around his member. Swirl up his shaft with the tip of your tongue –guys enjoy having their shaft licked. Then, when you are at the top, slide your mouth down and then up.

2. A Play-by-Play
Don’t you think he deserves a play-by-play of how close you are in bed? So, unleash that naughty girl in you and start giving him that play-by-play!

1. Centerfold-Style
When your man comes home from work, allow him to find you naked, sprawled out on the bed in centrefold-style. This is definitely a naughty one. Pretend you do not know what he is talking about when he acts so turned on.

There you have 7 naughty tricks to try on your man. These may not be “tricks” per say, but they are definitely something worth trying, just to see your man’s eyes pop out! What is your favorite trick?