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7 Ways To Show People How Much You Care …
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7 Ways To Show People How Much You Care
Lifestyle | by BRITTANY HARB |

In our fast-paced world, it’s important to remember the many ways to show people how much you care.

We often become too busy to remember the simple things that make life really great and that we typically need to be our happiest.

The people who surround us are a vital part of our well-being, and it’s important to show them that! Read on for ways to show people how much you care!

1. A SIMPLE HELLO One of the easiest ways to show people how much you care is to send a simple hello! It’s so easy to send a quick “hi” with our phones, email, or other online tools. We have no excuse! Take a funny snapshot, send a joke, or ask about how their day is going. Your message may reach someone at just the right time when they need it most!

2. HANDWRITTEN ANYTHING We’re so digital that anything handwritten seems out-of-date. Sometimes, handwritten cards, letters, or notes are exceptionally special, though. Drop someone a handwritten note or card — doodles included — and watch their smile spread as they experience a wave of memories. You may even feel like a kid again! Address and post your note with an envelope to send via snail mail for an even better surprise.

3. LITTLE SURPRISES If you’re about to meet a friend and see their favorite candy bar in the checkout line on sale, grab it! Little surprises here and there for those you love are a great way to show that you’re always thinking about them. Don’t go overboard or overspend, but splurge when you have the extra few dollars. It’s a great way to show people that you remember what they like and remember them!

4. BEING SUPPORTIVE Listening, giving your full attention, and being supportive are some of the most meaningful ways to show someone you care. Give someone your ear wholeheartedly — so that you can provide sound advice if they ask — understand their point of view, and share in a part of their hardship. This really shows how much you care. If a friend is having a rough couple of weeks, be sure to check in on them every couple of days. They’ll remember your thoughtfulness — even when everything is resolved!

5. BEING HELPFUL It’s so easy to forget to be helpful around friends! We become so comfortable around people that we miss out on opportunities to show our generosity. Always make sure to offer help when your friend is stressed, or even when you’re just hanging out at their house. Don’t leave a mess! Be as helpful to a good friend as you would be to a new acquaintance.

6. REMEMBERING People notice when you remember certain things about them or their lives. Remember your friends’ birthdays, special days, and their favorite flavor of birthday cake! You can’t remember everything, but recalling the small stuff can go a long way as well. Did they tell you about a daunting presentation at work? Ask how it went sometime during that week!

7. PLANNING AHEAD It’s so easy to make last-minute plans all the time, but scheduling something ahead with someone shows them you care (especially parents or family members!). Call before your week’s plans are set, and ask if they have time during the week! You’ll feel great having scheduled important, meaningful time, and it will make those around you feel great too!

It’s a lot of fun to show people how much you care. Give these suggestions a try and see if life seems brighter! What other great ways do you show people how much you care?