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Tips for a First Date can come from anyone-your mom, your aunt, your sister, even a close friend! And their advice is of course valuable, but it could be biased especially if any of them have been hurt in the past or if they don’t particularly approve of the person you are dating.
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But I have made a list of 10 must-know tips for a first date that will be very helpful for you! You will be able to enjoy your date with confidence that you are making a great impression. With these tips for a first date, there will most definitely be a second one in the future!

1. Don’t Be Nervous

Of course you’re bound to have a few butterflies in your tummy when going on a first date. But try not to be a sweaty, shaky mess! Chances are, you will loosen up once you start talking and visiting so just relax. He is probably as nervous as you are!

2. What to Wear

Remember, first impressions are lasting impressions. Don’t wear something that isn’t “you.” Wear something comfortable so you will be able to enjoy the evening. Of all the tips for a first date I have here, this one is important to heed. If you show up in something that shows more skin than you might see in the shower, your face value might be undermined and you don’t want that!
3. Choose Conversation Topics Wisely

This is one of the best tips for a first date I can give you. Choose your conversation topics wisely. It’s a first date, not marriage counseling! No need to bring up exes, past mistakes and mess-ups or ask about his. Save that for the tenth or eleventh date!

4. Price Selection

I’m a little old fashioned, but I believe that if a guy asks a girl out, he should be paying for it. However I realize that many dates these days are just pay-for-your-own. BUT if your date is paying, be considerate of that and don’t order the $35 steak. Keep it middle of the menu and he will probably appreciate it!

5. Drive Yourself

Unless the person you are going out with is someone you have known for a long time and don’t have reason to worry, my advice is to drive yourself. This is one of the tips for a first date that might rescue you from an awkward or terrible situation! Not that you expect or hope for your date to go amiss, but it never hurts to be prepared. Offer to meet him at the date location the first time, and then on the second date he can pick you up.

6. Be Attentive

There’s nothing that I hate worse than having someone only pay half of their attention to me when we are talking and especially on a date! Be attentive when your date is talking and show interest in what he likes. He will give you the same courtesy I’m sure! Try to find out what things the two of you have in common for future date ideas.

7. Breath Check

I always carry gum and mints in my purse so my breath stays fresh, but sometimes even that doesn’t cut it. Remember to brush and use mouth rinse before you head out. Bring along a disposable toothbrush so that you can brush after dinner if need be. That’s one of the tips for a first date that will get you bonus points!

8. Order “Easy” Food

How humiliating is it to go to the bathroom after dinner and discover dried pasta sauce from the second course of your face? I know I’d rather pass on that one! To save yourself embarrassing moments like these, don’t order sloppy foods on your first date.

9. Perfume Advice

Here’s one of my best tips for a first date-be careful about the perfume selection you wear. I LOVE perfume and wear it everyday, but too much perfume can be overpowering, especially in close spaces like a dinner table. Wear something light, like a body spray or scented lotion and don’t smother yourself in it. He may even have allergies to some perfumes!

10. Be Yourself

Here is the most valuable tip for a first date I can give you: Be yourself. It doesn’t matter what flaws you think you have or how imperfect you think you are. Remember, if this relationship goes anywhere he’s going to get to know the real you anyway so might as well let him get a head start!

I hope these must-know tips for a first date gave you some great and helpful advice! Going out with someone new is fun and scary at the same time. It takes time to get it right, so just remember to laugh it off if something goes awry. Thanks for reading my post on 10 must-know tips for a first date! Are there any other tips for a first date you’d like to share?

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