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If the bar, coffee shop and mall scenes have run their course, try finding women in these 10 hot spots.
| By David DeAngelo |

When you think of great places to meet women, the first locations that usually come to mind are bars, coffee shops and, of course, shopping malls. There are, however, tons of other places that you probably haven’t considered — and you should. Here are 10 new places to meet women that you need to check out immediately.

No.10 Dance classes
This is a great one. Where else are you going to find lots of women — most of them single — that you are forced to physically interact with? Chances are that you’ll be one of the very few men in attendance, so the numbers are greatly to your advantage. Plus, you’ll be paired up with women as partners — great opportunities to get to know each woman a bit more. If there’s chemistry between you and one of your partners, it’s only natural to invite her out on the town to practice what you’ve learned in class.

No.9 Wine tasting events
This might sound a little stuffy, but a wine tasting event is actually a great place to meet women. The atmosphere will be classier and more interesting than a bar, and you’ll have a generally higher caliber type of woman in attendance. These women will be much more interested in good conversation. Throw some witty dialogue and banter in, and you’ll do very well. Read up on wine a little bit before you go to one of these, or just go in as a novice — women will appreciate that you are there to learn. Then discuss nearby restaurants, and lock in a date.

No.8 Dog parks
Chances are, you’ve driven by a dog park before and saw that it was full of beautiful women with dogs. Well, take advantage of this situation. If you own a dog, regularly take it for walks at the dog park. Don’t be surprised when women stop and approach you to admire your dog — it’s too easy. Besides, you can tell a lot about a woman by the type of dog she has. If it’s an untrained little yappy dog, it’s pretty safe to assume she’s going to be high maintenance. Next! One word of advice: Make sure your dog is lovable and not too scary.

No.7 groups
If you haven’t been to before, do yourself a favor and check it out. There are plenty of opportunities to attend events of virtually every type, so you’ll be sure to find something you’re interested in. Consider a bar-hop Meetup or a Meetup that revolves around trying different foods. Everyone will introduce themselves at the beginning, and it’ll be a great opportunity to socialize and meet women as you’re experiencing something you enjoy doing. The beauty of this scenario is that everyone is in a group, and you don’t need to stick by her side the entire evening. Flirt and joke around occasionally, then walk away — you’ll be sure to see her again later.

No.6 Art walks
Nearly every major town has an art district. On certain nights of the month, you’ll find the area comes alive with an art walk. The galleries become the hippest spots in town. They set up bars and DJs, and lots of women from all over bounce from gallery to gallery, enjoying fine art and wine. This is a perfect opportunity to wander around and causally meet people. The bonus here is that as the art walk winds down, the city’s night scene is just beginning, so it’s a natural progression to invite your new female friend out to hit your favorite spots with you.

No.5 Acting classes
If you’ve never taken an acting or comedy class, you really need to try this. This is an environment in which you will have a lot of fun interacting with other people by being forced to play various roles. It’s a perfect scenario to flirt and tease others in a fun, natural situation. Think of the in-jokes you will create with your “costars” as you develop your characters. You literally have to flirt with all the women there, and you can find out right away if there’s any chemistry between you and someone else.

No.4 Fitness classes
Go into a gym, and you’ll find plenty of attractive women working out. However, you’ll find it’s next to impossible to start talking to them without coming off like a pathetic loser who only came there to pick up women in the first place. Instead, think about taking a fitness class like yoga, kickboxing or CrossFit. This is in a closed environment, and since everyone is doing exactly the same workout, it makes it a lot more comfortable to socialize. Plus it’s easy to come up with something to say after a grueling workout. As an added bonus, people tend to regularly attend the same classes each week, so this is a natural opportunity to get to know women over time with no pressure.

No.3 Community service or volunteering
Volunteering or doing community service is a great way to meet women while helping those in need. First, you’ll have an opportunity to meet and work with people in a structured environment. You’ll have all sorts of ways of interacting with others, and you have to because you’re doing a job. There are all sorts of fun ways to volunteer, from helping out at a shelter to coaching kid’s sports teams. Give it a shot.

No.2 Organized trips
If you can meet a woman with whom you already have a common interest, it certainly starts things off on the right foot. That’s why it’s a great idea to get involved with an organized trip centered around a hobby you enjoy doing like hiking, scuba diving, mountain climbing, bird watching, etc. This is a simple way to meet a woman in a relaxed environment without feeling the pressure or awkwardness that comes with dating. Plus, you’re both doing something you enjoy, so it’s an opportunity to present yourself at your very best.

No.1 Social-media websites
Of course you’ve heard of Myspace and Facebook, but have you considered Twitter or the restaurant review community Yelp? These sites can be great ways to meet people who share common interests as opposed to just randomly browsing online dating sites. For example, at Yelp, people are rewarded for writing funny and cool reviews of restaurants. If you consistently write interesting reviews, you will get a lot of fans, plus there’s a built-in opportunity to get to know someone by meeting up at review spots together.

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