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10 One Minute Beauty Routines to Add to Your Day

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Every woman wants to feel beautiful, but most of us have very little time to invest in a detailed beauty regimen.
| by Amber Benge |

How many times have you swallowed your guilt and gone to bed without washing your face? Gulp! If you have been wishing for some quick solutions to pamper yourself in a hurry, you are in luck. Here are 10 one minute beauty routines to add to your day.

1. The Quick Cleanse
Washing your face doesn’t have to be time consuming and it is so important for your skin! Clean your face in less than 60 seconds by using the pre-moistened cleansing wipes. They will remove your makeup in a hurry and you get them customized for any skin type.

2. The Glow and Go
You can get an instant healthy glow by doing a quick exfoliation. Try using an exfoliating body wash in the shower to add freshen up dull skin.

3. The High Speed Shine
Pump some luxurious shine into your hair with a quick conditioning treatment. Using a clarifying deep conditioner, cover your hair from root to tip and then leave it on for one minute. Rinse and enjoy shiny, gorgeous hair!

4. The Faster Fountain of Youth
You might not have time for anti aging masks and serums, but you can still prevent aging by applying moisturizer every day. Slather it on in the morning before you apply your foundation and use it again at night after you cleanse.

5. The Instant Tan
We all want a gorgeous summer tan, but professional spray tans take forever and tanning beds are dangerous. The solution is to use a spray on bronzer at home. Apply lightly and evenly after your shower and your tan will appear in a few hours.

6. The Mini-Manicure
Keeping beautiful nails doesn’t have to take an hour! Give yourself a one minute mini-manicure while sitting at a stop light or during your lunch break. Add a layer of rapid dry polish and call it done.

7. The Puff Reduction
Nothing is worse than having big swollen bags under your eyes. Solve this problem in a minute by keeping a couple of spoons in the freezer for emergencies. If you wake up to puffy eyes, grab your ice cold spoons and lay them on your eyelids for 60 seconds. Then watch in amazement as the bags disappear.

8. The Scent of a Woman
Sometimes all it takes to feel beautiful is touch of perfume. Choose a scent that makes you feel fresh and confident and take a minute to dab it behind your ears and on your wrists each morning.

9. The Instant Face Lift
Beat aging in a minute by sweeping blush along your cheekbones. Then put a light dusting of shimmery powder on the apples of your cheeks. It will draw attention up towards your eyes and make you look younger instantly.

10. The Eye Opener
The best cosmetic you can use when you only have one minute is mascara. By sweeping a layer of mascara on your upper and lower lashes, you will make your eyes look larger. Awaken your entire face with a quick layer of lengthening mascara.

You can use these 10 one minute beauty routines to add to your day to transform your skin, hair, and complexion. It doesn’t take hours to look your best if you know the right tricks! What are your favorite ways to freshen up when you are short on time?

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