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10 Signs that You Are Not Over Your Ex

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Your relationship ends and you always get all sorts of advice from your friends and family.
| by Karl Withakay |

Get back up in that saddle and go find someone new.” “Go out and spend money (you don’t have) on a new outfit to make yourself feel better.” “Go find a girl that looks just like her, take her home and have sex with her.” Everyone handles these things differently but what about when you’re REALLY ready to move on. When you’re over your ex may be a difficult thing to identify. I’ll give you ten signs that you are not over your ex.

You’re Cyber Stalking Your Ex
You’re hacking into your ex’s email. You’re monitoring their social network pages checking to see if they are seeing someone. You’re looking for your ex to see if they posted an ad on a personals website. If you’re doing this you’re obviously not over your ex.

You’re Going Off In Public Internet Forums About Your Ex
There are a lot of forums on the internet that deal with relationships these days. They’re very popular too. You find yourself griping about how much of a bad person your ex is. You’re going on and on about how your ex hurt you and asking advice etc.

You’re Over Doing It
You’re dressing up In the hopes of running into your ex on the town. When you DO see your ex, you make them think that your doing great even if you’re not. You have a goal to make your ex think that the best thing for you was the breakup. You want your ex to be effected in a negative way on how good you look, how good you feel, how good you smell and most of all, how happy you are now that they are out of your life.

You Don’t Have Any Interest In Any Member Of The Opposite Sex That May Be Interested In You
Here you have all sorts of eligible women or men throwing themselves at you. All lined up to love your hurt away. But none of them even come close to peaking your interest. But you find yourself perking up and getting all excited whenever your ex calls.

You’re Comparing Other Potential Love Interests To Your Ex
Do you find yourself comparing everyone to your ex and finding yourself mentally pointing out all the things he or she has or does that just don’t measure up to your ex? He doesn’t make as much money as my ex did. She doesn’t look as good in a short skirt as my ex did. Whatever it is, if you find yourself doing that, you’re obviously not ready to get yourself into a serious relationship.

You’re Keeping All Those Little Relationship Mementos
I’m not talking about that killer video card for your computer she got you. I’m not talking about that nice necklace
that he got you. I’m talking about things like the movie ticket stub from your first date, the pen from the hotel that you spent your first night together. Getting rid of all those little things will make letting your ex go, much easier.

It Seems That Everything Reminds You Of Your Ex
You hear a Rush song on the radio and think, “If he were here, he’d be cranking up the radio about now”. You’re in the mall and pass by some woman’s clothing store and think, “A month ago, she would be dragging me in here with her”.

You Bump Into Your Ex And Get A Bit Lost In Your Feelings
I don’t care what it is. If you bump into your ex, the last thing you should be thinking about was how good in bed she was and how much you miss that. You shouldn’t be thinking, “Man, I forgot how hot he looks when he’s wearing all black” You could be thinking how much you miss your ex, how you wish you were still with them, etc. If that’s the case, you need stop trying to move on because you’re not ready.

You’re Still Having Sex With Your Ex
The two of you broke up but you’re still getting together to scratch the itch. Have a bit of respect for yourself. That’s like, “Well I don’t want to BE with you, but you’re good enough for this”. This goes for guys too. You deserve more, make sure you give that to someone who deserves it.

You’re Dreaming That The Two Of You Are Still Together Or Are Going To Reconcile
This is just plain sad. Guys do this too, Not just women. Guys just hide it better in most cases. This is the number one obstacle you’re going to find if you’re trying to move on. You have to let it go.

If you try to move on when you’re not ready, too often, someone who doesn’t deserve it, gets hurt. If you could relate to anyone of these ten signs, you’re not ready. It’s OK. You can still go out on dates but don’t jump into another relationship until you KNOW you’re OK. You’ll be ready one day. And it will usually happen when you least expect it. Good luck to you.

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