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10 Things Men Won’t Ever Understand About Women

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Men are confusing.
| by Kati Blake |

Ive never met anyone who could explain their weird ways to me, male or female. Recently, though, I’ve discovered some things that men don’t understand about women, and despite hours of explaining, and even trying to use salt and pepper (it took me a long time and A LOT of condiments to learn the offside rule!) they just couldn’t get it. So here is my list of things that men just won’t ever understand…

1. Fantasies

Vampires have been huge recently, and hundreds of women have admitted to finding new secret fantasies revolving around the Twilight series…this is something men just can’t grasp, however. They tend to have a few set fantasies, which they may or may not think about, but these don’t tend to be triggered by a particular person or event. So Robert Pattison scares him a little, and he’ll worry that you have ‘lost’ some of the feelings you had for him. It seems that men and women formulate fantasies in very different ways, so make sure you keep him feeling loved too, and avoid trying to explain!

2. Why Our Hair Accessories End Up Everywhere

Okay, I’ll admit that my hair accessories are EVERYWHERE. I buy a new pack every few weeks, as I just can’t find them…I start with a whole pack on my wrist, and slowly they’ll get left in the kitchen, or next to the shower, or in the bed…until I have none left. Then I’ll get a new pack. This baffles my boyfriend. He collects them up, and puts them in one place. He doesn’t understand why I can’t do the same…I just can’t!

3. Bitchiness

Women’s arguments will always baffle men. They just can’t keep up. If men fall out, they tend to either fight, or just not talk. Either way, it’s clear cut, and everyone knows where they stand. So “He said, She said” will just confuse him, and he’ll never be able to detect the hidden message in that “sorry” text. He’ll just think its a wonder that any women have friends!

4. Bravery

I hate spiders! If I see one, I’ll freeze with fear. I’m not too good with other bugs, either…So it baffles my boyfriend that I’ll wax. He’s kept me company while I’ve done my legs before, and a beauty technician friend has even practised on him, so he is aware of how much it hurts. It baffles him why I can’t save my bravery for ‘everyday’ situations..but he definitely doesn’t mind playing the hero when I do encounter spiders!

5. Marriage

So you might have dreamed of your big day for years, and even cut out pictures of your favourite dresses or saved your favourite venues to your favourites. So when you meet Mr Right, your plans are suddenly finalized, and you want to be married as soon as possible. It’s not the same for him, though. He won’t have dreamt of weddings, he’ll have dreamt of football, and he needs some time for the thought to occur to him on its own. So forget weddings and rings, and put it right to the back of your mind. Then when he proposes, it’ll be because he really wants too, and want a surprise!

6. Hormones

Hormones will always baffle men, and to be honest, they baffle me! I’ve been lucky enough never to really suffer with hormones (touch wood!) but I have friends who get horrible PMT. One even threw plates at her boyfriend once…men grasp the biological part of this, of course, and learn to anticipate it around a certain time of the month. But why don’t women know they are doing it?! “Ignore me, it’s the hormones?” I admit, I’m just as baffled this time. But I’m sure there is a good reason for it, after all, us women are faultless!

7. Shoes

My boyfriends sister has HUNDREDS of pairs of shoes. So many, that I’ve started to think she just buys pairs without looking! They are stuffed into closets and boxes all over her house, and she wears the same few pairs everywhere…it really baffles her partner, and mine! Men go for shoes for comfort and style, and once they’ve found one that ticks these boxes, they won’t change. Maybe one pair for the gym, and one for normal use, and one for holidays…but how would we ever cut down our shoes that much!? And what colour would we keep?! I’ll admit that I’m only just getting in to shoes, and right now only own two pairs, but I completely understand the need for enough gorgeous shoes to have an amazing pair for every outfit…

8. Attitude Changes

Women like to change and improve things, but this can sometimes backfire! After the first few months, we’ll start to ‘edit’ our relationships to make them amazing and perfect. Thing is, if your man didn’t already think it was amazing and perfect, he wouldn’t have stuck around. So when you get the urge to completely change what you both eat, and stop letting him watch TV, remember that he’ll be utterly baffled about why you aren’t happy, and rather upset that you are changing the life that he is enjoying.

9. Love Interests

How many girls do you know that have an amazing nice guy who is always there for them, makes them smile and never fails to pick up the pieces? Well, how many of those girls are continuously involved with the wrong type of guys? Us women always seem to have an attraction to the bad boy, and never notice that lovely man who is everything we want. Men, on the other hand? Well, while they might admit being tempted by that sexy trouble causer, men tend to leave them alone, and instead find someone who is an amazing all round package. But, where’s the fun in that?!

10. Friends?

Men are baffled by women’s friendships. You know those odd situations when you are thrown in with other women, and there is an awkward few minutes before someone speaks? To men, this makes no sense. Put a group of men together, and they’ll bond, easily. Someone will mention football, or sport, or another ‘most-male’ topic, and bond quickly. Women? We tend to stay quiet, or stay in groups. My boyfriend and his friends find this hilarious, and it’s a running joke whenever a new girlfriend is introduced to the group…

Well, while there are some things about women that baffle men (and to be honest, some of what they said is true…) there are so many things about men that make no sense. I can’t even begin to list them! Have you found something that men just don’t understand about women? Please let me know!

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