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10 Things You Just Can’t Change About Men!

10 Things You Just Can’t Change About Men! //
A relationship can get pretty confusing especially since men and women are so drastically different.
| by Mercy Mathews |

Want to make your relationship work? Here are some facts about men that you should know as a woman!

1. Didn’t I say ‘I love you’ just yesterday?
While women insist on saying those three little words far too often, it somehow isn’t that important to most men. Accept it. It doesn’t mean he loves you any less! Watch his actions. That should communicate louder than his words.

2. You look great honey!
If you don’t want a standard response, don’t ask a standard question! It throws men off as there’s no right answer. You’re going to disbelieve him anyway. So save him the panic attack and ask your kids instead.

3. I wasn’t staring at her!
Boys will be boys. You can’t complain if your guy notices your pretty office receptionist. If she’s pretty, he will notice! That’s his primal tendency. You can’t change what comes naturally to him and there’s no need to be overly jealous about it.

4. You’re not ready? It’s late!
Well, he did say the party starts at 7. He doesn’t understand about being fashionably late. His idea of entertainment is not waiting in the car while you find that missing shoe. Try and respect his time. After all you could be spending more time together.

5. That’s a nice dress
Men love it when you take their advice on fashion. Why? They feel good that you’re dressing up for them and not to impress other women… or men! If he likes you in lilac, then by all means buy lilac. He will appreciate the thought.

6. Are you bored?
He may be talking about F1 or his new tool kit, but look interested. It’s the least you can do for all the hours that you’ve tortured him with beauty talk and gossip on the neighbours!

7. You’re simply stunning!
Wouldn’t you want to hear those words from your man? It always feels great when your man compliments you. Then, don’t let yourself go! He wants to be the luckiest guy in the room when you both walk in as a couple.

8. I’m not thinking anything…
Don’t bombard your man with questions just to find out how he’s feeling. He may not know what’s going on inside him. Sometimes, giving him a little space will help him sort things out peacefully.

9. Yes, I’m wearing this!
Don’t ask your man ‘Will you be wearing that?’ just after he has dressed up. Isn’t it obvious? If you want him to dress better, then choose his clothes before he puts them on. It will certainly save you both a lot of time!

10. Let me just fix it!
Men do not appreciate the ‘guessing game’. If you’re got a problem, tell him. He will want to find a solution that’s quick and fuss-free.

Men are wonderful creations if you know the inside secrets of how to deal with them on a daily basis. Hopefully these tips will cement your relationship for a long future!

2 replies on “10 Things You Just Can’t Change About Men!”

Chicks! “…and that’s all I got to say about that”. ~Forrest Gump
Well, let me say this…I have always found it interesting to hear what women think of men and how to deal with them like it’s some chore like taking out the garbage which pretty much is thought of as a mans job. That’s the really sad part about it. Responsibly, we should all take fine tuning our understandings to our significant other more seriously, open hearted and honestly.

Straight out, we men do not like to feel like we are being thrown a bone and just appeased in any situation and at times we just want to be left alone. Simple as that.

If you are just doing it to appease him, somewhere down the line there may possibly be a break up. Disasterous!!! is that what you want?
Now regarding sex, I find it really hard to stay interested if she is not capable of understanding me without words….and that doesn’t mean to just appease me meaning, orally, if you do not like to give it, simply don’t do it but remember, if we like it, it makes more sense to be with a woman who likes giving it instead of just doing it to please him. Trust me, it’s so much better 🙂 At times we may fantasize about it being done therefore allowing our minds to wonder off into that land of possibilities….. hmm, secretary, hmmm girl at the laundromat…blah blah blah!

So straight shoot em, afterall, we do have brains. Don’t treat us like we do not.
And that’s the saddest part of what I find most interesting about the way women think about men.

Also, women, why would you rather hear a man say, “Oh honey, I love that dress on you” even if it does make you look fat and he doesn’t mean it? If you feel like you are fat, shouldn’t that be enough to feel like it should be your opinion and your choice? Don’t take this like I am bashing, but if a man is insecure about something as small, wouldn’t you just say get over it? Why? Because he is a man?

Getting his opinion is only affirming your idea that you are quite possibly trying to change him. If he doesn’t compliment you, you try and get him to say nice things which is a roundabout way of getting either into an arguement or subtle way of changing him. If you know you can’t change him, why try? Hmm, that makes me think you (as women) feel men are dumb, when in fact, the mere fact that we ignore this is our way of not conforming to your psycho analytical approach to changing the way we think though we may not understand your reasoning. Think about it.

Besides, women don’t dress for men anyhow. You can simply tell this by the way and how much women look at other women.
Fellas, Pay attention to the women!!!!

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