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11 Tips To Make Him Fall In Love1 comment


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Be yourself!

The first rule to make him fall in love with you is to be yourself. If he will love you for something, let that be your special character and your extraordinary mind. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not. Don’t do anything that isn’t you. He’ll find out that you are faking as soon as you’ll be tired of pretending to be his dream woman and start being yourself. What will happen then? He might not like what he sees; he’ll feel betrayed, and he’ll probably run from you. After all, you do have enough self respect to be loved for what you really are, don’t you?

Be confident!

Being yourself alone isn’t enough. You also have to believe in yourself. Many women remain single because of their low self-esteem. I once met a girl that wasn’t that pretty, but she claimed that she could have any man she wanted. She told me, “It doesn’t matter how you look, it matters what you think of yourself.” Later that night I met her boyfriend. They were on a long-term relationship and they seemed to be happy together. This woman was acting like she was wearing an invisible crown; and it was working.

Are you too shy and don’t know how to “promote” yourself? Here is a tip: think about what your good parts are. Do you have a great humor? Then use it! Guys appreciate humor as mush as girls do!

Do not overreact!

When you like someone and you want to make him like you too, it’s very easy to make a fool of yourself. Don’t be too loud or too invisible; don’t laugh for no reason, don’t say anything that pops into your head. That usually happens when you are too nervous about what he’ll think of you – there is no reason to be so stressed. Just relax, take a big breath and act like he is one of your friends.

Look gorgeous!

First impressions are always important. Not that personality and confidence don’t count, but looking gorgeous whenever he gets to see you, will make your life a lot easier. If you are one of those girls that can’t tell the difference between eyeliner and concealer, put your face’s fate in to your girlfriends’ hands (and makeup kits)!. She will make the best of the beauty God blessed you with!

Be friendly – Smile and compliment him

The first step to make a guy like you is to get close to him. Who can resist the company of a friendly and happy face?

Have you ever noticed that although men compliment us a lot, we don’t do the same? Make the difference. Tell him how handsome he looks. He won’t see it coming, plus, he’ll understand you are interested (keep in mind that most of the times, guys don’t have a clue that we may like them). Jean Giraudoux said about compliments: “When you see a woman who can go nowhere without a staff of admirers, it’s not so much because they think she is beautiful, but because she has told them they are handsome”.

Listen to the boys!

I don’t imply that all men are the same, or that all see the same way, but it’s always good to take some good advice from the boys. Ask your friends if their girlfriends said or did something they liked, or hated. When you learn about common mistakes girls do during dates or during a relationship, just try to avoid doing them!

Play hard-to-get!

This is an old trick that never goes out of fashion! Make him jealous; don’t answer all his phone calls, and don’t be always available for him. Hang out with other guys too – let him believe you have many admirers. Men are competitive by nature, so he’ll fight for your attention. As soon as he does, he’ll start wondering: “Why am I jealous? Am I so interested in this girl?” You’ll know you have won his heart…

Play on your turf!

Invite him over to your place for a cup of coffee or a movie. You will feel very comfortable if you meet at your house. There are many things you can do if you stay indoors. What’s more, you can invite him to hang out with your friends. They are the people that know how to make you look even cooler than he already thinks you are! They are always in the mood to say something nice or tell some awesome stories about you.

Find out about him.

To get into his heart, you have to get into his mind first. Find out what he’s made of. Ask people that know him to discover what he likes and dislikes. Do you have something in common? Maybe you listen to the same music, or you both like to play chess. Take advantage of the information you’ve got. Challenge him in to a game of chess or start a conversation about the bands you both enjoy.

Let me tell you a brief story to justify why ‘having things in common’ is so important. I was out the other day when I overheard 3 guys in their 20?s. One of them was saying, “I met this really cool girl I think I really like. She drinks Red Bull too!” The others seemed to agree with him. I stopped and stared at them before I burst out laughing. Excuse me? What does drinking Red Bull have to do with anything? Funny as it is, every detail counts!

Get to know his friends!

To win his heart, try to win his friends first. For men, friendship is very important. Take it for granted that he trusts his friends’ opinions, and he faithfully follows their advice. If there is someone that can influence him, it will be his friends. So, the sooner you get to know them and the more they like you, the more possible it is to be with him!

And if nothing works…

We’re always looking into strange books and books that can help us overcome difficult situations. Lately I’ve stumbled upon a book that I have found very interesting especially for someone that has been separated with his/her other half but can’t stand it and want him back into his life. It’s a very good book with practical and real advice that can help you win your other half back.

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  1. You cannot  MAKE anyone fall in love with you. That being said, the rest of your advice is a moot point.

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