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10 Things You Just Can’t Change About Men!

10 Things You Just Can’t Change About Men! //
A relationship can get pretty confusing especially since men and women are so drastically different.
| by Mercy Mathews |

Want to make your relationship work? Here are some facts about men that you should know as a woman!


Alex Day bag by Moore & Giles

Moore & Giles //
The Alex Day bag is designed for everyday essentials. It mimics a type of oversized handbag, but is perfectly suited for both men and women.
| by Pursuit | 2010 |

It’s perfect for you to pack everything you need for the day or night in one stylish, yet practical luxury bag.

Sex & Love

Top 12 Seduction Tricks That Always Work on Guys

Photo Credit: kmrphotography //
Seduction is a form of art that can only be mastered over time and with practice because remember darlings, practice makes perfect.
| by Melanie |

If you’re a girl who does not know how to seduce a man and haven’t had much luck in the past, here are my top 12 seduction tricks that work!

Sex & Love

7 Reasons Not to Fall in Love with a Bad Boy

Photo: Bad Boy //

Yeah, there’s a lot that one could say about bad boys.
| by Just | 2010 |

Ijust wrote a blog on why girls love bad boys so much – make sure you read that one as well. However, you shouldn’t fall too far into this bad boy trap. Below, I am going to give you 7 reasons not to fall in love with a bad boy …

7. They May Cheat
Any individual out there has the potential to cheat. However, I think it is more likely for a bad boy to cheat. How many of you would agree with me on this one? Continue reading