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It is time to Date and Love like you’ve never been hurt before.

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5Tips to Build Your Confidence & Get Your Date On!

It’s time to Date & Love like you’ve never been hurt before!

1) Get out of your comfort zone…try something new. Drive a different path, go to a different coffee shop or supermarket. In a relationship?…Try a new sex position, take a class together, learn something new & teach it to your partner, be the initiator. Are you always the one leading?… Allow yourself to be lead. Just Mix it up & change the routine!

2) Stop making excuses “I’m too fat”, “I don’t have time”, “I don’t want to go alone”, “I’m not so desperate to do that” Get out there, already! Go where Singles gather. He or she won’t come knocking on your door. You have to go where they are and be approachable. Smile, make eye contact and hold the gaze, say hello first your love life depends on it! You can’t afford to keep letting time pass by waiting until things line up perfectly.

3) Show UP and Share Your Magnificent Self…to create a love you’ve never had before, you have to share a part of yourself you’ve never shown before.

4) Get a reality check. Ask friends, co-workers, & your partner or an ex…How do/did you experience me? If what you hear doesn’t reflect who you think you are & how you want to be experienced, then it is time for change. Practice unleashing other sides of yourself. Do you show up one way with certain people and another way with others? This is a form of hiding and sabotages love possibilities. It’s easy to fall into comfortable habits of being and unknowingly dim your attractiveness.

5) Spruce up your appearance. Truth be told: 1st impressions matter! Can’t remember when you had your last haircut or hairstyle? It’s time to reinvent your image. Don’t get the wrong impression, I am not saying you have to change yourself to find and sustain love. I am saying we need to evolve your look/image to reflect who you have become and not cling to an old, out of date style. Wear clothes you look good in and compliment your body type… whatever size & shape it is. Make sure you feel sexy, hot, attractive… like your assets are being highlighted. Now, don’t go exposing all your assets, there is something to be said about the allure of curiosity and anticipating seeing more;). Just compliment your assets with what you wear. Don’t know what your assets are? Find out by trying on new looks. Ask a friend to shop with you, ask a store clerk for input or go to Nordstroms and schedule a time slot with a stylist, it’s free and worth it. The bottom line is our wardrobe and grooming rituals can become a comfort zone and yet another way of hiding who we are & who we’ve become. So dare to be visible from the inside & out!!!

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