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7 Great Intimacy Secrets That’ll Improve Your Sex Life0 comments


Intimacy secrets: it’s an odd phrase, but it’s one that’s taking the world by storm.
| by Kati Blake |

If you believe the hype, all of our sex lives would be better if we all just knew the same collection of intimacy-themed facts. Curious? I was, too. Here’s some of the most popular intimacy secrets doing the rounds right now…

1. Sometimes Faking It Is Okay…
Yep, it’s true. One of the biggest intimacy secrets shared by sexual counselors and relationship therapists is that sort-of faking it can actually help your relationship. How? Well, if you start behaving more sexually, you’ll start to feel it, too. It’ll help put you in a better mood, and increase your chances of having a natural orgasm. Worth a try, eh?

2. Some Smells Are Totally Normal…
Every year, vaginal health is one of the most common reasons that we visit our doctors. Smell is always one of our top concerns, too. The advice? Some smells are normal, and if it stays the same, you are probably fine. A sudden fishy smell can be a sign of a bacterial infection which may require treatment, and itchiness can be a sign of thrush. Don’t worry if you smell stronger after working out, either; there is a lot of sweat glands down below!

3. Pillow Talk Is Important…
What do you talk about in bed at night? Relationship therapists think this is the perfect time to talk about all things intimate. It’s less pressured than when you are actually in the moment, and it takes any feeling of hurt or judgement out of the mix. So if you’d like to try something, bedtime is the time to bring it up.

4. Sex Allergies Are Common…
Yep, allergies relating to all things sex are actually a lot more common than you’d think. Whether it’s semen, condoms, lubricants or spermicides, a growing number of women are experiencing a reaction. Usually, these allergies display as swelling or itching after using the products, and can easily be controlled. Always mention it to your doctor, though – in rare cases, it can be life threatening.

5. Pain Isn’t Normal…
When you lose your virginity, some people may experience a little pain. After that, sex should be pain free. If you still experience discomfort, it could be a sign that something else is going on, from tissue inflammation to involuntary muscle spasms. If you get checked out and all is fine physically, it’s time to look at your mental health – if you aren’t completely happy, bring it up now. It’s not uncommon for physical pain to be psychologically triggered.

6. Douching Is Bad…
Word on the (medical) street is to avoid douching. Why? Well, it washes out all the natural bacteria, allowing bad bacteria to rapidly reproduce, and commonly resulting in infection. Unless you’ve been advised to douche medically, give it a miss.

7. Intimacy Is Good for You…
Ever get that feeling that love is just too hard? Well, it is worth the effort. As well as all the benefits of being loved, and loving someone in return, sex has a lot of health benefits too. From boosting your immune system to lowering the chances of heart disease, the evidence that orgasms are good is mounting, and that’s got to be one of the best intimacy secrets.

How many of these intimacy secrets did you already know? I hope you discovered something new – according to the therapists, understanding intimacy is the first step to improving it, and making it last. Do you know any great intimacy secrets? Let me know!

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