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7 Hottest Places to Have Sex

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This is not your average post on 7 hottest places to have sex. In this post, you are not going to find any public bathrooms listed.
| by Melanie |

You’re not going to find anything that is related to a bed. In fact, I’m not listing anything that involves going inside. These are the 7 hottest places to have sex in the outdoors, so get ready …

7. In a Hammock
I don’t know why, but this one definitely sounds opinion. There’s just something about hanging in a hammock while you’re spicing things up. This is great if it is a hammock in your own back yard.

6. In the Woods
Even better would be in the woods after it rains. I have always enjoyed the woods. It’s such a peaceful area. It is also a very romantic area.

5. In a Barn Full of Hay
Shh, try not to wake up the livestock! This always sounded like a hot place to go at it. There’s just something about sneaking out to the barn and rolling around in some hay together.

4. Under a Waterfall
Doesn’t this sound like a hot (or cool) idea? Imagine the water falling down on your body as you are wrapped in the arms of the one you love. In my opinion, this is definitely a hot place to have sex. Now, to make sure it’s not in a major tourist area would be a great idea. There’s many cute waterfalls in the woods.

3. In a Canoe on a River
Be careful and don’t tip the boat. Although, if you tip the boat, make sure you have the snorkels on and continue underwater!

2. Next to a Campfire
Next to a campfire is certainly something you have to try with your loved one. Make sure you do not get too wild and roll over in the fire – that would definitely be too hot of a spot!

1. On the Hood of the Car
Careful not to put any scratches on it! This is a pretty hot spot to have sex. It puts a twist to the back seat thing.

Those are 7 hottest places to have sex. Perhaps when you were going down my list, you were saying “check, check, check,” because you already got the chance to do it. There are plenty of other hot places you can have sex. So, I want you to turn your thinking cap on and tell everyone some more ideas on hot places to have sex. Would you mind sharing that with us?

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