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7 Secrets of Successful Women

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What sets successful women apart from the rest of the pack?
| by Amber Benge|

Were they simply born lucky or do they have a secret strategy that led them to the top? Most successful women agree that achieving success requires an ability to recognize opportunities when they present themselves and a risk-taking attitude that allows them to take advantage of these opportunities. Successful women are often happy to share their secrets; what follows is a list of helpful tips from various women who have found success. Here are 7 secrets of successful women.

1. Set a Goal
Decide on a goal and then set about attaining it. It is crucial to know where you are heading. Keep your focus on the brass ring and pursue it relentlessly. Your every action should have a clear purpose and leave you another step close to your goal.

2. Put Aside Your Fears
Don’t let fear paralyze you into doing nothing; you are your only limitation. Believe in yourself or no one else will; Michael Dell (Dell Computers) was told time and again that his ideas would fail. He was convinced his ideas would succeed; the rest is history. Don’t talk yourself into failure!

3. Rely on Instinct
When faced with choices, let your instinct lead the way. Highly successful women frequently “go with the gut” to make the most important decisions; they rely on instinct first and analysis second. Hindsight shows that first instincts are generally right.

4. Never Give Up
Determination is the most common characteristic shared by successful women. They are focused; certain of their goals and certain they can achieve them. Successful women share many characteristics, the most obvious of which is persistence. They accept responsibility for their careers; they are persistent and committed to being a success.

5. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
Concentrating on the task at hand is critical to success. Direct your energy on the goal and do not deviate. It takes a huge amount of energy to trek to the top; deviating from the goal costs valuable time and energy better spend pursuing the ultimate prize of success.

6. There is Always Room at the Top
One of defining features of those who rise to the top is that they envision themselves there; they have realized the top is where they not only want to be but where they deserve to be. The top in not over crowded, there is always room for one more.

7. Take the Risk
Opportunity may come at any time, be ready to pounce on it. Rather than spending your life avoiding risk, embrace it. Success can only be achieved by taking risks and making them work for you.

Success can be yours; aim high, believe in yourself, persevere and keep climbing until you reach the top. The best way to be sure you become is a successful woman is to set lofty goals and never give up on reaching them. If you were to set a goal today, what would it be? What do you most want to accomplish in your life?

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