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7 Steps to Healthy Skin


There are a few steps to healthy skin that are simple and create some fantastic results.
| by Jenni Ross |

Skin is an organ, and just like any other organ, we want to keep it healthy. Doing these quick and easy tricks can give skin a healthy radiance and take years off our appearance. You are sure to notice a difference once following these simple steps to healthy skin!

1. Wash Your Face

Washing your face may seem like a common sense skincare routine, but it is shocking how many people do not wash their faces. Even if you are not wearing makeup daily, pollution and bacteria can accumulate in your pores. Washing your facial skin at least once a day with face wash will reduce clogged pores and increase skin’s luminosity and clarity. You’ve got to love those easy steps to healthy skin!

2. Wear SPF

SPF has been pushed on us for the past decade, and with good reason. Whether you are a beach bunny or not, the sun damages your skin. Wearing a fifteen SPF when outdoors will decrease the chances of skin cancer and keep our skin wrinkle free for a few years extra. When wearing sunscreen, be sure to use an SPF that is made for your body on your body, and an SPF made for your face on your face. Our facial skin is quite different than the skin on our bodies!

3. Use Lotion

Skin gets dry, and when it gets dry it flakes and reduces its cellular production. Both of these are things are not what we want, especially when we consider how much slower our skin rejuvenates as we age. Lotions will keep our skin moisturized, of course, but they will also help at a cellular level. Lotions are especially important for younger girls still growing since it will reduce stretch marks. Try some coconut butter for uber moisturized skin and yummy smell!

4. Anti-Winkle Creams

Once we reach puberty, our skin starts to age. This means that any person who has gone through puberty can see benefits from anti-wrinkle creams. Sure, it will not be a face lift, but anti-wrinkle creams will increase collagen and elastin production. These are the two main proteins used in the production of new skin cells and the two main components for wrinkle-free skin. By keeping the production of these two proteins high, we are increasing our skin’s regeneration now and years down the road.

5. Use an Eye Cream

The skin around our eyes is different than the skin on the rest of our face or body. Not only is the skin around our eye area much thinner, it also has much smaller pores. Eye creams use smaller molecules so the cream can be absorbed into the skin. If we use regular body lotion or facial cream around our eyes, we are wasting the product and increasing the likelihood of getting clogged pores. It may seem like an extra investment, but a small amount of eye cream can go a long way and one tube can last over three months!

6. Use a Toner

There has been a lot of hate on toners recently. Some are saying that toners are not needed if we wash our faces. What they are leaving out is that most people do not wash their faces as long as needed to get all the bad stuff off. To get all the junk off our face and out of our pores, we need to wash our faces for 3-5 minutes! Save that time and use a toner. Toners will get rid of any dirt left behind and soothe our skin. Some toners can even help reduce pore size!

7. Use Lotion at Night

We have already talked about the importance of lotion, but using lotion at night deserves a category all on its own. Our skin goes through its rejuvenating process at night. When we wash our face and use lotion at night, we are decreasing the risk of break outs and aiding in the cellular growth of healthy skin cells. Facial lotions can be expensive, so if you can only use it once per day, night is the best time.

This list may seem hefty, but what it comes down to it, it is a system of washing, toning, moisturizing, and using SPF when we go outside. When we look at it that way, it is not so bad. There are a few other steps that can be added to get healthy skin, but this is the basic that everyone can do. What are some of your tricks for keeping skin healthy?

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