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8 Beauty Items It’s Worth Spending More On0 comments

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If women added up the amount they spent on beauty products every year, it would probably total enough to buy a small country.

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We can certainly waste quite a lot of money on products we then don’t use or like, or buy overpriced creams that are no better than cheaper versions. However, there are some beauty items it’s worth spending more on, even if you economise on other things – here is what I’d spend more on.

1. Tweezers

Having the kind of eyebrows that constantly need tweezing, I’ve been through several pairs of tweezers, and it definitely isn’t worth buying cheap pairs. They aren’t that good at gripping, and you end up trying and trying to grasp some hairs. A good pair, on the other hand, will pick up even tiny hairs.

2. Foundation

This is especially true as your skin matures. It’s wise to invest in a good, light-reflecting foundation to give an impression of younger skin. But whatever your age, cheap foundation generally doesn’t match your skin terribly well, nor does it have a good texture.

3. Primer

Primer is, if you like, the undercoat for your foundation, and just as if you were painting a wall, provides a base coat for the main layer. We all want our makeup to last, rather than have to keep touching it up, and a good primer will help to achieve a durable finish.

4. Concealer

Again, concealer is one of the products that help set your makeup, like priming a canvas before painting. I’ve very rarely come across a budget version that does the job well – most look so obvious they don’t actually conceal anything at all.

5. Shampoo

You might ask why it’s worth buying a more expensive shampoo when the supermarket version does the job just as well? If you find a cheaper brand that works for you, then that’s fine. But since our hair is always on display, we want it to look good, and if that means spending more, then it’s worth it (shampoo does last for ages).

6. Powder

A lot of cheaper powders have a very chalky texture, and that is not going to look good on the skin! Quality brands are more finely milled, and won’t make your face look as though you’ve just knocked a bag of flour over.

7. Brushes

I’ve bought cheap makeup brushes in the past, and what a false economy that was. They didn’t last five minutes. The hairs start to fall out after the first use, and however good your application skills are, without the proper tools the results just don’t look good. So a set of good brushes are a must (you don’t need to buy every one, just the essentials).

8. Hairbrush

Again, you might wonder why it’s worth spending $20 on a hairbrush when you can buy a cheap one for $2. The answer is that the cheap one will damage your hair. Buy a quality brush, look after it, and it will last for a long time, whereas you’ll constantly replace a cheaper version.

If you had to buy most beauty items cheaply, and could only purchase one quality item, what would that be?

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